Constant Velocity

Constant Velocity

 Lincoln, Illinois, USA

Constant Velocity play a type of punk rock often overlooked and obscured by the more traditional definition of the term. They don’t sound like they know it yet, but this band from Illinois rocks harder than a lot of bands attempting this sound with little success. -Delusions of Adequacy


A friend gave me a fantastic book last year. It’s called White Bicycles. The famous 60s producer Joe Boyd wrote it. Maybe you’ve read it. In it, he says that the cold, antiseptic feel people get from modern recordings is the result of separately tracking all of the different musical parts. That is why our album sounds different. The microphones go up and we bash it out. What you hear is the way we really sound, warts and all. Just like bands used to do in the 60s.

Something else I read, many years ago in an interview with Camper Van Beethoven, has stuck with me. They said that they strove to make their band be like the kind of friend they would prefer to have. Nobody wants a friend who is monotonously down or constantly up. It has never occurred to us to confine ourselves to one particular sound or genre. How dull. We all listen to a huge variety of music. The eclecticism you hear in that band or The Clash or The Minutemen (Hell, even the Beatles or Led Zeppelin for that matter. People forget that good bands embrace the challenge of different styles.) That is our inspiration.

We are 3 regular blokes from the middle of nowhere, a janitor, a barista and some kind of insurance dude. We live and work and play in a small town in the corn producingest county in the United States. Meeting and beginning work together as flat-broke college kids, we rehearsed for years in the filthy, radon irradiated basement of a comic book store. A good training ground for the filthy punk rock dives we have cut our teeth on.

We have had 8 (8!) bass players. We couldn’t be more pleased to be on the Austin based label, Miscellaneous Music, populated as it is with a group of like minded misfits.


Constant Velocity-2006

Set List

We can adjust our set list to match the show we play. We only request that we have enough time to play our 47-minute long rock opera about hobbits.

Just kidding.