Consuelo Orsingher

Consuelo Orsingher



Singer, pianist, composer and classical music scholar. Upon graduating from high school with a specialization in the Sciences, Consuelo went on to complete her Pianist Degree under the tutelage of Maestro Adalberto Tonini at the Nicolini Conservatory in Novara, obtaining excellent grades.
At the age of 19 she met and fell in love with Jazz and began vocal studies in an advanced singing course at the C.P.M. in Milan. After completing courses run by Tiziana Ghiglioni, Francesca Olivieri. R. Cipelli, B. Ferra and D. Michelon, Consuelo graduated at the top of her class.
In 1997 she became part of the "Trio Darling", a vocal trio with an American and Italian repertoire. The trio appeared on various television shows including: Casa per Casa (Rete 4); La Canzone del Secolo e Canzoni Sotto l'Albero (Canale 5); Solletico (Rai 1); Mattina in Famiglia (Rai 2); Tappeto Volante (Telemontecarlo) and also toured in Korea, Greece, France and Spain. In 1998 she went on to join the chorus of the C.P.M. Big Band under the leadership of Danilo Minotti and performed on various advertising jingles (Citroen, Conad…).
 In 1999 she joined the "New Day Voice" vocal group, performing an original repertoire of sacred music. Concerts included St. Peter's Square, Rome, the Duomo in Milan and the Palafiori in San Remo.
Consuelo has never abandoned her classical roots; in 1999 she founded the duo "Piano-twins" with Dr. Marta Menozzi (featuring four-handed 20th century and contemporary piano pieces) where together they performed in the Italian provinces of Milan and Sondrio.
She has performed as a solo singer mainly in the northern-Italian province of Lombardy along with many notable jazz musicians: Alessandro Bianchi, Pierluigi Ferrari, Massimo Scoca, Gino Carravieri, Silvano Borzachiello, Santino Carcano, Maurizio Signorino, Walter Calloni, Bebo Ferra, Attilio Zanchi, Giovanni Falzone, Teodoro Curcio, Francesco D'Auria, Fausto Tagliabue.
Between 2000 and 2003, under the guidance of Dr. Pomodoro, Consuelo performed the works of B. Brecht (St. Joan of the Stockyards), Büchner (Woyzeck) and Shakespeare (Hamlet), all of which were performed at the ‘Casa di Reclusione’ Theatre in Milan. While exhibiting in Milan, she also took part in performances at the ‘No'hma’ Theatre also located in Milan.
Consuelo has attended vocal master classes with Rachel Gould, Daniela Panetta, Michele Hendricks, Laura Fedele, Marzia Manoni, Silvia Biferale. 

Since 2005, she has been collaborating with Jazz guitarist Corrado Stuffo on their project “Hands and soul”, revisiting both Contemporary and Jazz music in an original and refined manner.
Since 2006, Consuelo has also been working on her own solo project “Voice heArt”, exhibiting herself as both a vocalist and pianist. This project’s repertoire is mainly composed of Jazz standards with some personal compositions of her own.
September 2007 1st place winner in the “National Competition for Jazz Newcomers” held in Crema, Italy and organized by “Bergamo Jazz Club”.
March 2008 and 2010 Finalist in the competition for women composers “Note di Donna”, organized by the “Piacenza Jazz Club”.
May 2008 Finalist in the Massimo Urbani’s International Competition for Jazz Musicians
August 2009 “Poggio Bustone” National Competition for Singer-Songwriters:
• 2nd Place Winner
• Best Lucio Battisti Cover
• Winner of the Prize for Artistic Personality
November 2010 1st Place Winner of the National “Premio Donida 2010” for Singer-Songwriters with her own composition “Folle o matto”
March 2010 “Emozionarsi a vivere”
This is Consuelo’s first work, comprised of her own compositions.
As well as being a performer, Consuelo has also been working as a voice teacher since 1998. She organizes thematic workshops that include but are not limited to vocal technique, Jazz language and ensemble music.




Conversation with the world
Portrait of spot, a miracle.
Journey, maiden voyage to
Discover the cave.

What do I know, what I bet?
It might be better if I pray.
Something changed, how can I say…
Portrait of me.



Live your life without a reason why.
Spend your days as if you don’t know to pray.
Take a while to smile, without a reason why.

You will find, there’s a light inside your life,
you will feel, there’s your heart to be touched,
You will see, there’s a child and is like you,
You will say, it’s my life the reason why!



Human sense of life sounds strange each day
Habits: violence and smile.
There’s more to live.

Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn,
Army: soldier, priest old friend.
There’s more to live.

Enjoy your lifetime, treasure, jewel, gem.
Enjoy your lifetime, all is full of love.

Human sense of life sounds strange each day
Habits: happiness and smile.
There’s more to live.


Written By: Consuelo Orsingher

(Consuelo Orsingher)

Passeggiata in musica,
ritmo dolce, da di da.
Senti che soffice il tuo respiro,
s’intreccia con il mio.

Contrappunto magico,
note dolci, re mi re.
Questa armonia vuole respirare,
creata da noi due.

La bellezza della vita sta nel crederci,
continuare a vivere come se fosse recitare un film,
crescere quel tanto che ci basta e non di più …

Amami, guardami, sentimi, toccami,
credici, combatti, liberati.

(Translation of “Passeggiata in Musica” by Consuelo Orsingher)

Music promanade,
sweet rhythm, da di da.
Feel how soft your breath is,
It’s twisting with mine.

Magic counterpoint,
sweet notes, re mi re
This armony wants to breath,
it’s created by me and you.

Life’s beauty lies in trusting it.
keep on living as you’re acting a film,
Growing just as much as you need and no more.

Love me, look at me, feel me, touch me,
believe it, fight, get free.

Foglie d'Alberi

Written By: Consuelo Orsingher

(Consuelo Orsingher)

Danzano già foglie di alberi,
pioggia con il suo vento
si rincorre e poi si ferma,
si dissolve nell’asfalto
e se ne va, e scivola ...

Riporta qui vecchie emozioni mie,
vecchi manifesti di, di ricordi cancellati,
di paure mai vissute
Ma ecco che ritornano …

Nostalgia di un tempo dove non esiste pioggia,
ma luce che illumina.
Sento il mio cuore che vibra …

Danzano già braccia di un corpo mio,
mente con le sue bugie
si rincorre e poi si ferma,
si dissolve nella pioggia
e se ne va, e scivola ...

(Translation of “Foglie d’Alberi” by Consuelo Orsingher)

Tree leaves are already dancing,
rain with its wind
chasing one another and then it stops
it dissolves in asphalt,
and goes away, and slides….

It brings back old emotions,
old posters about cancelled memories,
about fears I never lived.
Now, They’re coming back.

Nostalgia of a time with no rain,
but full of shining light.
I feel my heart vibrate.

My arms are already dancing,
mind with its lies
chasing one another and then it stops
it dissolves in rain,
and goes away, and slides….


LP: "Emozionarsi a vivere" released in Feb. 2010