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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Brooklyn, NY
Established on Jan, 2015
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"Tasty Psychedelic Cumbias and Dancefloor Delirium from Consumata Sonidera"

Consumata Sonidera opened their set the evening of the fourth at Paperbox with a steady four-on-the-floor beat and a catchy four-chord latin rock tune (what’s up with all these fours?) fueled by guitarist Puffy Ramirez’s edgy, distortion-tinged chords and frontman/alto saxophonist Bruno Navarro’s eerily crystalline lines. And then suddenly drummer Jorge Black hit a cumbia beat…and within seconds the room had filled. The crowd were like rats to a trap baited with bacon – it was almost funny. Navarro seized the moment with his wry, gruff vocals, and the set just got more slinky and fun from there. Consumata Sonidera are a late addition to open that excellent ska/punk bill at Grand Victory on October 10 at 7 PM which also features anthemic Celtic-flavored punk rockers the Crypt Keeper 5 and perennially popular 90s ska band Inspecter 7 headlining; cover is $15 and worth it.

At the Paperbox show, the band followed the first of their psychedelic cumbias with a shapeshifting tropical number that veered between dub and hardcore, wah guitar giving way to a searchlight alto sax break: if the Bad Brains had gone deeper into dub, this is what they would have sounded like. They went back to cumbia sabrosa from there, Billybob’s fat bass anchoring the snakecharmer ambience as the guitar skanked and the sax sailed uneasily overhead. By now, everybody in the impressively multicultural crowd was dancing: imagine that, a dancefloor full of random people who’d wandered in from the flea market in too-cool-for-school Bushwick!

From there they took a rambunctious detour into surf rock with a south-of-the-border tune that alluded to the classic Pipeline, but not close enough to be a straight-up ripoff. Billybob shifted from a deep, reggae-tinged pulse to nimble, trebly lines that he played with a pick, but that didn’t slow him down as the band made their way from cumbia to ska to more doublespeed punk and eventually a long, ominously murky dub interlude at the end of a Mexican folk-tinged dance number, everybody going way down into the abyss. And then Navarro slowly brought them back up out of the smokiness as the guiitar’s reverb-drenched echoes bounced off the cinderblock. They sent another echoey, Guns of Brixton-ish reggae shout-out to their peeps, then back to the cumbias, Ramirez hitting his pedal for some creepy, watery textures. It’s hard to imagine a catchier or cooler band opening a hot set on a Saturday night. - New York Music Daily

"Las raíces diversas del grupo musical Consumata Sonidera"

El primer contacto de Dan Ramírez con la música tiene que ver con su infancia en Panamá. Recuerda los fines de semana con su abuela Dalia escuchando los combos nacionales, y la música típica que venía del toldo ubicado detrás de su casa, en El Marañón.

El músico, que aprendió a tocar el clarinete con la banda del Instituto Nacional, es hoy el guitarrista del grupo Consumata Sonidera, nacido en 2010 en el barrio de Bushwick en Brooklyn, Nueva York.

“En 2012 el acordeonista me invitó a tocar en la banda porque necesitaban a un guitarrista. Ese año comenzó la transformación del grupo a la encarnación presente”, comparte Ramírez, via correo electrónico, desde Estados Unidos.

Ramírez era parte de otra agrupación cuando conoció a los músicos fundadores de Consumata Sonidera, y empezaron a trabajar juntos cuando la banda a la que pertenecía se separó.

Ahora, junto con el grupo, prepara una gira por Perú y Ecuador, entre el 9 y el 24 de abril. En esas fechas, la banda fundada por el saxofonista de raíces peruanas Bruno Navarro hará sonar una mezcla de cumbia, reggae, ska y punk, un sonido que “está pensado para el directo, para que bailes sin control y te diviertas”, según un comunicado de la banda.

-¿Qué significa Consumata Sonidera?

Tiene muchas interpretaciones. En parte es una crítica al concepto del consumismo que en cierta forma mata a la humanidad. La palabra “mata” también se refiere a una conexión con las plantas y la naturaleza, la cual está en conflicto con el mismo consumismo del que hablamos.

- ¿Está entre sus planes venir alguna vez a Panamá?

Espero algún día poder hacerlo. Sería un orgullo grande para mí.

- ¿Hasta dónde les gustaría llegar como agrupación?

Nos gustaría presentarnos en todos los países de Latinoamérica para exponer nuestra música y al mismo tiempo conocer la diversidad cultural. Es importante aprender lo que nos conecta como pueblo y como seres humanos. Hay que proteger y conservar nuestra herencia cultural latinoamericana. - See more at: - La Prensa (Panama)


Still working on that hot first release.



A NYC based band to make you dance! Consumata Sonidera fuses cumbia-punk, ska-funk, boss-a-rengue and dubbed out tarantellas. Their musical idea revolves around the CUT-UPS (a technique hearkening back to the Dadaists and Beat Poets ), Consumata hones in on the non-linear aspects of musical construction. A musical proposition out of the ordinary,exposing a collage of sonority and intercultural fidelity. Their members employ influences once considered unmixable to amalgamate genres and unusual musical expressions to provoke an infectious dance and fervor. You might find yourself in a frenzied mosh pit or caught in a time warp with your grandparents' folk songs ripping through the speakers. Wherever you find yourself, one thing is for sure. IT'LL BE A WILD PARTY!

Consumata has performed in New York, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru and the east coast of the US. Their musical explosion can be gauged from the diversity of their audience in everyone of their unique presentations.Their heavy tropical rhythms motivate every audience to welcome every audience to welcome them with open arms. The horns blare over percussion driven rhythms, building their intensity with their sole mission to put everyone in a celebratory dance party! A party the celebrates our similarities and differences as people.

Consumata Sonidera's current lineup of members is Bruno Navarro the front vocalist and alto saxophone player with roots in Peru. Dan "Puffy" Ramirez hails all the way from Panama and holds it steady on the tropical guitar. Billybob originates from the borough of Queens and plays the bass similar to the 7 train on rush hour, full and always moving. Jorge Black comes from the land of the Pachamama and references his Afro-Peruvian drum rhythms for the underlying pulse. 

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