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Mix a cup of Outkast & E40 with a twist of Twista, & the result is ConTaC, a lyrical assassin & producer of TRILL ASS music. Its been stated the Southern drawl in ConTaC's flow is infectious by the A&R at His Music has beed forwarded by to various music Industry folks.


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Kenneth Maurice Thompson (ConTaC aka LA (Lyrical Assassin) was born in Warner Robbins, Georgia. He was raised in California, Hawaii, and Germany due to extensive moving caused by his families’ careers. This travel exposed him to a variety of musical genres and cultures; however, he found a love for hip-hop. Listening to artists such as OUTKAST, NWA, 2PAC, SPECIAL ED, BIG DADDY KANE, SNOOP, E-40, BONE THUGS, TWISTA, and BIGGIE SMALLS, just to name a few, were influential.

After graduating high school, Maurice enlisted in the U.S. Army, focusing on a medical profession. In extra curricular activity, while overseas in 1998-1999, he began his pursuit of becoming an Emcee when given the chance to battle local artists in the clubs. This led him to getting booked for shows in front of sold out crowds in Germany’s hottest clubs. With no stage name in hand, his close friends deemed him “Lyrical Assassin” (LA). Nonetheless, after a year of live performances, LA changed his name to ConTaC, claiming that alias signifies his way of life.

Following the stint in the U.S. Army, ConTaC returned stateside and settled in Atlanta, Georgia and hooked up with brothers Padre K and ‘Catur Lo, both songwriter and MC, to form the Southern Rituals (SR). The group cut several tracks with Producer/Keyboardist Kevin Kendricks, who produced “Say What” for SR, and is known for his work with OutKast (The Love Below), Big Boi (Got Purp Vol 2), Bubba Sparxxx (The Charm), Purple Ribbon All-Stars (Kryptonite), Kelis (Tasty), Gwen Stefani (Love Angel), and other Recording Artists.

After various recordings with SR, ConTaC decided to develop and expand his position in this congested market of Hip Hop. Consequently, he focused on solo songs and a few duets to propel his freshman project, "First ConTaC"

In a turn of events, after leaving the studio on a cool Georgia night in December 2004, ConTaC was involved in an accident caused by a deer on a dark country road. Swerving to steer clear of the deer, the 1999 Ford Explorer lost traction on the soft shoulder and flipped over. It slid on its hood/top for about 40 yards before flipping again and throwing ConTaC thru the windshield. With car upright and ConTaC on his back for a min, he eventually got up and somehow walked a half mile to his front door only to collapse bleeding from his head, shoulder and legs. Luckily, he didn’t have any life threatening injuries; however, he was fined and spent a few days in jail for leaving the scene of an accident.

The SUV was totaled and ConTaC was banged up pretty good, and the little doe deer made it back into the woods probably just to get hit next time. Anyway, with crutches in hand, gripping the grain, pad, keyboard, and mic, it wasn’t long before he started producing his own music again. Accordingly, in Jan 2006 he launched Count The Cash Records (CTC), which will be the catalyst in which to publish his projects, and that of others.

Look for the powerful debut album, “First ConTaC” from both artist and label in May 2006.

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U Don't Want Beef

Written By: ConTaC

U don’t want beef wit me
I’m leaving bodies in da street
Whether the pistols or my lyrics G
I’m uppin da heat spittin da fire 2 put ya 2 sleep put ya 2 sleep
Grippin da grain smoking on thangs
a nigga wit a tech or a pump dat bang
Fuck wit dis nigga and death I will brang
so gone tell yo people who really run thangs
Ellenwood nigga have always been lame
Decatur ass niggas have neva played games
We smoke on the thunder 2 ease da pain
from 36 deamons all up in our brain
Where can I go where can I run Ain’t no muthafuckin’ runnin from a deamon
So I up da tech cock da shit put a round in da chamber nigga just 2 see how far it spit
Whew shit did you think I was done 35 deamons and dey still want some
Cocked da sawed of some call it a pump
it’s gone be dirty when dey hit da floor but still left one
Outta fuckin shells but left one in da gun I’ma save dat one fo da last deamon
Who walk just like me talk just like me claimin dat he nuttin but a real O.G.
Bring ya ass down 2 decatur see it’ll be ya very last day walkin’
Knuckin’ and buckin’ you must want some beef
fuck wit dis nigga and death you will meet
Multiple thoughts of ya ass 2 sleep but you one dem niggas dat got 2 be beat
Pistol I tuck knuckles I draw right 2 his chin left 2 his jaw
Echoes of bone shatter thru da hall while slowly watchin’ ya body fall
What da fuck now pistol in hand guess it’s time fo dez foolish ass games 2 end
Shawty you seen me on Candler road Blowin my dro in AC ho
Game be on point like Stacy so it’s nothing fo ho’s 2 go get my dough
Whip up a cake break off a quake roll up a blunt traffic my weight
From state 2 state she good when it come 2 sayin’ no names
If eva she caught cause I taught her da game
pimpin my nigga it’s all in my veins
Ain’t takin no shorts I’m all about gain profit and thangs
A lil bling bling fo my momma 2 where when she ridin’ on spree’s
and I’m ova seas vacationing wit Chrizzmatic and Cee,
Catur and Pee smoking on tree’s cutting ho’s by da 2’s and 3’s
Decatur where we greater haters get nothing but bustin 40 cal. straight dumpin
den find a trunk fo you 2 get dumped in can’t fit cut his legs off and try it again
So don’t knuck if you buck if you think you a thug
I connect long distance fo free like sprint wit slugs
So lets not let it get tragic I’m da franchise nigga like da Magic
I got a 10 blunt a day smoking average and killin’ and smoking shawty dats a bad mix
©2006 Count The Cash Records


"First ConTaC" (16 Tracks, Running Time 59:26, Count The Cash Records) Released 11May2006.