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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Adult Contemporary


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music Spotlight - Acapella"

This is an interview I did with BU in July, 2009 - Black Unlimited Blog

"WorldCast Radio Exclusive - Ric Flair (The Nature Boy Strut)"

Acapella's Ric Flair (The Nature Boy Strut) from the album TRUTH SERUM - DJ Truuf


HoodFellaz Compilation- 2001
Cardinal Rule-2002
Tri-State of Confusion (Mix-tape) - 2003
Tri-State U - 2005
Delay is Not Denial (EP) - 2006
Truth Serum - 2008

Currently working on my next album to release Q1 2011



Few artists possess the drive, charisma and lyrical ability that Acapella does. Always being noted for his distinct sound Acapella (born Tony Charles) was and still is equally known for is his innate gift of story-telling. Queens NY native spent his years as a youth in Kennedy Heights, a neighborhood in Cincinnati Ohio where he attributes learning more about life.

A product of a single parent home, Ac witnessed his mother work two, sometimes three jobs to provide for he and his younger sister. He learned to be selfless at an early age and was forced to grow up fast out of necessity; some years later he wouldn't have it any other way.

Ac's love for writing music grew from his love for drawing; as he became more involved in the Hip-Hop culture, he began to draw less and write more. Acapella often found himself using music as an outlet of expression and later became the way he would reach the masses.

He attended Tennessee State University and studied Business Administration & Marketing at in an attempt to further understand the business side of the music industry. Upon earning his Bachelors degree Acapella began using this newly obtained knowledge to promote the heart felt music that his company Tri-State Unitainment, is so passionate about.

Extremely charismatic Acapella appeals to a diverse audience of listeners. From urban youth to corporate professionals, men and women, young and old, Ac cleverly addresses sensitive issues in a manner the masses can understand. Whether writing club banging material that cleverly captivates or thought provoking material that shows a level of consciousness, Ac looks to entertain his audience while enlightening them. Soulful by nature, Acapella effortlessly addresses social, political and economic concerns that millions can relate to.

His music provides the positivity, hope and much needed substance the Hip-Hop community is currently lacking. "Radio & TV out to make you a dumb dumb/ have you thinking where you going is back where you come from. Incarcerated, in the slums or back on that welfare/ homeless got nowhere to live not to mention health care" (from the song Reality Rap) is just an inkling of what Acapella pours out on record for the world to feel.