Employing manipulated samples, unconventional arrangements, guest musicians, stage props, and the desire to never perform the same set twice, ARKADE invents gorgeously tense and sonically complex rock music.


All of us come together to make audible art.

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Tonightrophobia*, MRX Records, EP, 2001
Best Wishes, Houdini*, MRX Records, EP, 2002
Ladyfest {Comp}, LP, 2003
The Story of Hiding*, Lujo Records, LP, 2004
Ball of Wax: Vol. 2 {Comp.}, LP, 2005
Lujo Records Christmas {Comp.}, LP, 2005
Ball of Wax: Vol. 7 {Comp.}, DVD, 2007
{unreleased body of work}*, LP, TBA

ARKADE's music has been played nationwide on various local, college, and major market radio stations. "The Story of Hiding" LP reached #105 on CMJ's Top 200. ARKADE was nominated into KEXP's Local Top 10 and Three Imaginary Girls "Best of the Northwest: Top Albums of 2005. ARKADE has performed several live in-studios at KEXP and other radio stations and toured the west coast with then Lujo Records labelmates, In Praise of Folly.

*Scott Colburn - Recording Engineer, Producer
{Animal Collective, Sun City Girls, The Arcade Fire}

Set List

ARKADE's sets typically include between 5 and 7 songs, between 1 and 2 ambient compositions using manipulated samples, and very little stage-to-audience verbal communication. The average length of a set is between 35 and 45 minutes, but is not limited to any specific length of time.