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three excellent musicians transcending the borders of their instruments in a unheard-of way Grand New Unheard-of Music from the heads of European Avantgarde


* 1958, Coburg, lives and works in Munich
Saxophonist, freelance composer, Master of Arts in Philosophy, founder of the GNU Records & Publishing Munich.
Solo artist in Munich, Istanbul, Bucharest, Transylvania, Burgundy, Corsica, Vienna.
Composer, conductor and ensemble direction, Munich Radio Orchestra, Radio Orchestra Synfony Beograd, Red Note Ensemble, Edinburgh, Choo Choo Aero Big Band, Unternehmen Kobra, Ensemble Mambo Varèse;
Since 2001 European concert tour with the project "New Music in Old Rooms"
Artistic collaboration with Allen Ginsberg, Mal Waldron, Fred Frith, Ernst Fuchs, Prof. Friedhelm Klein, Peter Brötzmann, Chris Karrer, Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh and Embryo.


Ich hab' Zeit

Written By: Stammberger

Ich hab' Zeit,
Ich hab' Zeit,
Du musst schau'n
einfach seh'n
jede Kleinigkeit
ist bedeutend
wirklich wahr
und Zeit brauchst du
viel Zeit
Ich hab' Zeit,
Ich hab' Zeit,


Monsterparty 1989
Choo Choo light 1992
Unternehmen Kobra 1994
The Legendary Years 1994
Imposition 1998
Varner solo 1998
re-recordings & artworks 1999
re-blowings 2000
Ensembleworks I
Poem I 2006
Poem II 2007
Poem III 2008
Poem IV 2009
Poem V 2010
Poem VI 2011
Poem VII 2012
Poem VIII 2013

Set List

Saxophone with electronics
E-bass or e-cello
Drums (optional electronics