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Contaminated Souls

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If Outkast and Jurassic 5 got married, Contaminated Souls would be their offspring. Emphasizing harmony and melody with catchy hooks, potent lyrics, and masterful scratching, West Los Angeles' Contaminated Souls is a new brand of hip hop that gives fans of all music something to dance to and nod to.


Underground phenoms Contaminated Souls are said to resemble the Beastie Boys and Outkast mixed with DJ Shadow and Jurassic 5. Contaminated Souls blends the sick lyrics and off-the-wall theatrics of rapper Neptune the Planet and the gritty, introspective rhymes of Sage the Spektakular with producer Pacemaker's melodic beats and astonishing scratching. With a new school flavor mixed with an old school vibe, Contaminated Souls' powerful music and funky disposition has been blowing people away since their debut.

Started in 1999 by three best friends sharing a vision for a new hip hop, Contaminated Souls has released an EP, CONTAMINATED TRENDS in 2000 and an album, EXECUTING EXCELLENCE in 2004. They’re currently wrapping up their third release which is set to drop in June. CONTAMINATED TRENDS is a raw, innovative EP that put Contaminated Souls on the map and gained a small fan base that vastly expanded after the arrival of EXECUTING EXCELLENCE. Their much anticipated third album will be even more groundbreaking, high energy and entertaining.

The eclectic trio of Sage, Neptune and Pacemaker have blown audiences away all over Los Angeles at venues such as the Temple Bar, the Knitting Factory and The Roxy. In addition to their performances, Contaminated Souls was asked to produce music for a feature length movie (co-written by group member Sage) titled PANDEMONIUM. CS recorded two songs for the film including the title track “Pandemonium”. Mention of the film appeared in the National Inquirer and The Weekly World News. PANDEMONIUM also received rave reviews after its screening at the New York Independent Film Festival and SoCal Film Festival.


Contaminated Trends EP (1999)
Executing Excellence LP (2004)

Set List

30-45 set
Lost In A Cave
Many Ways of Runnin'
Rockin' in the Wind of Dialogue
Bunch(Why is the Pacemaker So Damn Fresh?!)
Who I Am
Kick A Rhyme
Seal of Approval
Chronic & Kegs
Sideways Hats
The Rapture
Still Be Bumpin'