Continental Cudd

Continental Cudd

BandHip Hop

Continental makes music for the laid back person with an old soul. Using heavy saxaphone and piano influences, Cudd hypnotizes his audience with a smooth voice to go over some classic instrumentals.


Continental Cudd is the laid back, quiet, but deadly member of Blacktop Democracy. Cudd gives his take the fly life, hence the name Continental. He found a love for rap/ hip hop around the age of 10 years old and notes artists such as 2pac, Biggie, Eminem, Digital Underground, and Snoop Dogg as some of his early influences.


2011 (June) - It's Not a Game (w/ Tom Tucker)

2011 (November) - Life and Times of The Team Vol. 1 (w/ Tom Tucker)

2012 (March) - Airline Music (solo project)

2012 (October) - Life and Times of The Team Vol. 2 (w/ other members of Blacktop Democracy)