Continental Floyd

Continental Floyd

 Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
SoloHip Hop

Bodies of work is what the consumers of today want. They want stories, wordplay, charisma. All of the things that have been missing for over a decade. All of the things that my music embodies. A few hip-hop vets feel like there are a lot of rappers but no superstars. I say, I'm up for a challenge.


"The missing link has been found"; words proclaimed by a 21 year old blogger from Detroit seems to hold a valid point. Throughout the evolution of hip-hop; starting with the pioneers and legends of the late 80's, and 90's, music with substance and messages was nearly an obsolete feature during the early to mid 2000's when the era of "snap" and ringtone rap become predominant on the radio and TV. Over the past couple years the genre has taken a swing back to its original roots; couldn't have been a more appropriate forum. The stage is set and Continental Floyd invites the world to indulge and bear witness.

Recent release, "Proper Representation" is Floyd's sophomore effort which shows a lot of growth from his first mixtape, "Politics As Usual". Prouction from Apollo Brown is used as a muse for the stories; opening track, "Black Pearls", "Know The Time", and "Drink To Life" all speak on emotional trails. Hip hop website calls Proper Representation "a must download."

From a visual standpoint, one coould look at the cover and presume the content would contain Mafioso references but the image of a young emcee, donning a suit and tie with an overcoat and Dobb hat is merely a representation of the distinguished growth in the 26 year old artist. "Hold It Down" which is produced by in-house producer and friend Drew Lowry is the lead single of this body of work; the nostalgia felt from the strings is intertwined with the tale of anguish felt triggered by his younger brother being incarcerated, as well as the untimely death of his mentor, the late Far Rockaway native-Stack Bundles. Floyd vows to stay stead-fast by diligently sharpening his craft, bestowing his voice upon the masses, keeping their names alive.

Lifes hardships and shortcomings, in addition to its victories is the motivating force behind this emcee. Battles with desires to becoming the next "urban legend" is expressed concisely as online magazine, states "the lyrical content on this one is crazy!", urging viewers to witness for themselves. - well known site, geared to educate the community on the resilient and artistic side of Michigan and all of its components, narrates; "the Detroit emcee shows off his extraordinary ability to create savvy, insightful, and powerful metaphors while telling his story to the world."

World, meet Continental Floyd.


"Freeze"- Single - April 5, 2013 (Streaming and Radio Airplay)

"Proper Representation" - LP - September 27, 2012 (Streaming)