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Continental Soldiers

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Hip Hop Rock




"NWCZ Radio"

I want to start off by telling all my readers that is a great place to hear local music. For some, listening to the radio on your computer might seem a little strange. What's strange to me is the lack of local music on the AM/FM radio. Why not switch it up and listen to a station that truly supports local music and is actually a part of the music community.

NWCZ Radio has many different shows with funny and knowledgeable DJs and on-air personalities. As far as hip-hop goes, it is there too. Just in the last few weeks I have listened to illfightyou, Bruce Leroy, Sic Ill, and Beanz and Rize on NWCZ Radio. They even have Seattle artists stop by. I just caught Continental Soldiers from Seattle on a show promoting its upcoming tour. So, next time ya sitting at yo computer doing stuff, open up NWCZ on another tab and get yo listen on!

- The Volcano Newspaper

"Continental Soldiers"

North Tahoe locals Brian Augustine and Cory Crosby are coming back to the North shore on their "End of the World" tour from Seattle. They'll be performing at the legendary Sawtooth Ridge Cafe on Friday, December 28th with Continental Soldiers, Teeter Totter, Be Three, and DJ Phil Anthony. They moved to Seattle 3 years ago to pursue their dreams in the booming North West music scene, and are coming home to showcase their high energy Freestyle Rock' n Roll performance in Continental Soldiers. They pass the mic to Emily Bloch and Jessica Thompson while they play guitar, bass, drums, keys, and synthesizer in the indie rock group Teeter Totter. Opening up the night will be the sensational Hip Hop artist, Be Three. DJ Phil Anthony will be keeping the party moving between sets and into the AM hours!
Sawtooth Ridge Cafe on Friday, December 28th with Continental Soldiers, Teeter Totter, Be Three, and DJ Phil Anthony is the place to be!!! So make sure to mark your calender and get your pre-sale tickets before it sells out! Tickets are available
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"Continental Soldiers"

Brian Augustine and Cory Crosby, natives to the North Shore started their musical journey at age 15 in a back yard shed in Kings Beach. “Back then we were influenced by gangster rap, we were young and didn't have any influence locally, but we thought about what we were doin and decided to change, thats were the song destiny came in.”The new album is encrypted with a message that brings moral clarity to a music scene that is lacking in emotional reality. This strong message of hope, perseverance and strength has made their music the alternative to main stream hip hop. Innovative beats and enlightened lyrics are paving the way to gain popularity and promote them as major players in Seattle's diverse hip hop scene. It is clear that the Continental Soldiers are on the road to change the face of Hip Hop and resurrect the fundamentals of this music from its earlier origin. These two artists are paving the way for revolution in modern Hip Hop music that shakes our every idea of day to day life in a society that is battling racism, poverty and humanitarianism . “ We believe everyone is a soldier in their own life, we want people to join us in the battles that they face, we all can push through the struggle.” Lake Tahoe has never been seen as a place of musical innovation but that may be short lived with the emergence of the Continental Soldiers gaining a significant platform in the music industry. Its obvious that an overweight conceded executive with cigar smoke pouring out his mouth has taken Hip Hop music and pimped it out to MTV junkies for corporate profits. Progressive music has always stuck it to the man and it now seems a positive message is the stake and the Continental Soldiers are holding it. “Its crazy what their doin to the music, its all pointless what is coming out of mainstream hip hop right now, they have turned it into pop and it is ruining music, every day they record, they degrade music in a whole.” This is a group that has a message, a message that radiates a new presence of individuality and renovate a lost message. “We try to think outside the box, give our fans something new to experience,we are excited to show our progression and come back to were it all began.”
- North Tahoe Truckee Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Originally from Lake Tahoe, California, Continental Soldiers began with members Cory Crosby and Brian Augustine in 2001 creating hip hop influenced beats and inspirational lyrics motivated to stand out from the crowd of the typical hip hop genre at the time. After years of performing local venues, they decided that they have reached all they could in their current home town and moved to Seattle late 2009 in the pursuit of a bigger music scene to further their music career. Once in Seattle, they formed a five piece band uniquely fusing hip hop, rock and dubstep with face-melting guitar riffs that include two MC's, a DJ, guitar and bass. From there they developed a sound that is equally mesmerizing and irresistible to dance and move to. They are currently working on a full length album to be released in Spring 2013