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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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They have released only one song entitled "Envy You" among their peers and it exploded to popularity to those that heard it. This band in paticular doesn't have any airplay yet, but bands that the members have been have experienced that. The band only has those 3 songs recorded but only released the 1 song "Envy You"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our bio is short, but our individual bios are text book size so I'll give the band bio.

Joe Shehata and Ken Apperson went to high school together. They met as freshman. Ken played guitar, Joe played drums. They both were in different bands at the time, but they still loved to jam every now and again. Both of the bands they were in got relatively popular their junior year, and played various shows togeter. Ken ended up leaving the band he was in, but Joe stayed in his group. Ken and Joe had choir together their senior year of high school. In there they brought up old times and became closer friends again. Ken was working as a guitar teacher at their local music store. They needed a position on drums so he asked Joe if he wanted to try out. Joe became the teacher after a short interview and now Ken and Joe worked together. During their senior year Joe picked up another band and was now playing in 2. When Joe was still in both bands Ken asked him if he wanted to start a band. Joe said he didn't have the time because he would have been in 3 bands but Joe offered to jam with Ken none the less. Jamming with Ken years later proved how much more the 2 of them advanced as musicians and also proved that they had nearly perfect chemistry. Joe's 2nd band ended up breaking up and Ken and Joe started jamming more even laying down a recording. They started looking for a bass player. Everyone they tried out wasn't at the level they were at as musicians and it was sort of frustrating for them. Since Joe and Ken both worked at the music store teaching they looked their for bassist. There was no luck. Ken was working one saturday and found that an old teacher at the store was coming back to teach again. Ken met him they spoked and had a small jam session. Ken asked him to come and check us out (after he showed him the recording they made). Rick said sure very adamately. It eventually became those three playing and they layed down the recording for 3 songs. They clicked and everytime they practiced it sounded better and better, tighter and tighter. The whole band was amazed with themselves.

There are so many influences among the band it would be very difficult to name them, but it can be inferred that they listed and are influenced by nearly every genre of music.

What sets them apart is their energy in live setting, and most importantly the music. Every song sounds different from the other, but not drastically to the point that it isn't event the same band. The band is very solid for being a band for only 5 to 6 months. They are doing very well, and their music is enjoyed by most that listen to it. People often tell them how they can relate to their music because it has feeling at moves them through the melodies and poetry. Their attitudes toward the music is serious but they can joke have a good time. They are always positive. It is all about positive attitude to these guys.