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"Run For The Moon review (Feb. 2010)"

Stately roots grooves with a full compliment of horns bed Contra Coup’s Run For The Moon. From the smooth ska of “Rudie Has Fallen” through a set of originals that hark to classic reggae riddims of old and a visionary cover of Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For The Man” the band (ably assisted by Clinton Fearon) pulls off a nice set of music in style. Other hands on deck include McPullish and Victor Rice. Standout cuts “Crying Over You” and “Shoot Them Down” and four closing dubs cry for airplay.
-Chuck Foster
KPFK , Beat Magazine
- Chuck Foster - KPFK, Beat Magazine

"Contra Coup - On Time (Mossburg 2007)."

This Austin, Texas-based band has one of the original Gladiators within its ranks. For this CD, the group has also been joined by Clinton Fearon, contributing to the production, arrangements and vocal harmonies.
We were already quite familiar with Billy Geoghegan and his projects and the truth of the matter is that this man's voice strikes a chord deep within us. The band's style ranges from the most primitive reggae sounds to more 70s rhythms, making this a quite versatile musical group with clear Jamaican influences. Especially noteworthy are the dubs coming from Victor Rice in Brazil in his unique style.
On the other hand, if one was forced to make a negative critique, however slight it might be, it would probably have to be the CDs physical presentation which, if not quite slipshod, could certainly have been given more graphic and artistic attention. But nevertheless, we do
have the marvelous CD that one finds inside. Cuts like "Soldier Girl," "Together as One," "Message to the Youths," "Cold Wind" and --the best of all, without a doubt-- "It's Raining," together with Rice's dubs, all make this a record worth checking out. - Puppa Shan - (Madrid, Spain)

"Contra Coup "On Time" (Mossburg Music, 2007)"

Contra Coup's On Time release is quintessential American roots Reggae. Supple yet
gritty in the grooves, there is tight syncopation between the pump-keys and bass. The
horn blast and snap drum adds texture and counter-melody to the elastic mix. On Time is
also distinguished by unique vocal stylings; oft time reminiscent of Pat Kelly or Curtis
They remind me of all the American groups trodding the roots path
during the 80s ragga era. A generation later the pendulum has swung back to such high
quality core roots melodies. And their added dubs have a cool agro echo mix.
I dig their sound a whole heap. - Robert Nelson -host "Smile Jamaica" KRCL 90.9 FM, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Contra Coup - Austin's Own - 2007"

The first thing you notice when you hear Contra Coup's new release On Time is the audio quality; it's one of the best-sounding records from a local band I've ever heard… But of
course, that only goes so far: in the end it's the music that matters, right? Absolutely - and On Time hits the ball right out of the yard, with a collection of tunes that do what reggae is supposed to do: not just make you groove, but make you think. Take a core roster of great
musicians, add strong arrangements and powerful lyrics, throw in a few special guests, and you get a recording that not only significantly raises the bar locally, but pretty much grabs your ears and won't let go.
Produced by the band and reggae legend Clinton Fearon, On Time features a mix of tracks that stand well not just individually, but together as an album - not an easy accomplishment in any book. From the bouncy "Follow The Rainbow," to the darker, reverb-laden "Money
Walks," to the positively stunning "Wrong Street," this one tends to stay in your player for a while. And if that weren't enough, add 4 dub remixes by Victor Rice... It's like the man said:
"Now how much would you pay?" On Time is an outstanding effort, and I'm proud to have been given the honor of officially debuting it on my program. - Art Baker - “Jamaican Gold” Austin, TX


~"On Time" - 2007 (Mossburg Music) A full length album, produced by Clinton Fearon (Studio One/Gladiators/Black Ark Studio), receiving airplay worldwide.
~"Contra Coup Meets Victor Rice" - 2007 (Mossburg Music) 12" vinyl release featuring 4 songs from "On Time" with four Dub Versions by the one and only Victor Rice. This is a Dub "cult classic" and is often heard on radio and in dancehalls throughout the U.S. and Europe.
~"Skapacolypse" - 2007 (Mad Butcher) European Compilation
~"A Notable Christmas" - 2007 (Mossburg Music) Christmas record featuring Contra Coup and Lynval Golding, of The Specials.
~ "Rudie Has Fallen/Crying Over You" 7" - 2009 featuring Mr. T-Bone
~"Love I Can Feel, A Groove For The Cure - 2009 (Mossburg Music) Benefit record for cancer research featuring Artists such as Doreen Shaffer, Clinton Fearon, Mr. T-Bone, General Smiley and more
~"Run For The Moon" - January, 2010 (Mossburg Music)



The foundation of this eight-piece group is heavy drum and bass rhythms topped with sweet melodies and harmonies, all fusing with with the same bold originality that defined the 1977 punk scene. While embracing roots reggae music, this band is by no means shy about expressing itself and its own experiences through the music. Contra Coup formed as a band in November 2006 after several members of a temporary backing band, The Lonestar Rockers, completed a tour of the Southern United States with reggae legend Clinton Fearon (Studio One, The Gladiators, Black Ark Studio). Inspired by Fearon’s authentic and original style, these musicians – former members of The Stingers ATX, Five Ton Chicken, Burning Spear’s Burning Band, DJ Kane of the Kumbia Kings, and many others – gathered in a recording studio three months later to record On Time, their first full-length album, which was produced by Fearon. Four of the sixteen tracks are dub versions by Victor Rice, who has produced and mixed records for acts such as The Slackers, The Toasters, Rocker-T, and many more. This collection of songs covers many types of reggae music, while adding a specifically original touch. While being a very cohesive unit in the studio, Contra Coup has evolved into a very dynamic live act as well. Contra Coup is featured on the "Love I Can Feel - A Groove For The Cure" benefit record along with such artists as Doreen Shaffer, Clinton Fearon, General Smiley and many more. Contra Coup played the backing tracks for the record, as well as performed the title track. A second European tour proved very successful, in May '09, taking the band to more than a dozen new cities. A new full length album titled "Run For The Moon", is set for release in January, 2010, on the Mossburg Music label.