Contradicting Clouds

Contradicting Clouds


Imagine the love children of Tori Amos, Tool & Flyleaf.
Five of them would get together and play a perfect "Contradicting Clouds" set. What the rest of them would be doing is anybodies guess!
Powerful, yet elegant. Electric and at times acoustic melodic rock, fronted by female vocals.


Contradicting Clouds is a brutally honest, melodic rock outfit, from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Becoming infamous in the Jo'burg live scene for hard-hitting performances with a touch of elegance
delivered through the gentleness of vocalist Elné's performance. The bands' set showcases a unique
mix of powerful original material as well as tasteful renditions of famous rock songs.

"Undoubtedly, one of the key ingredients of this controlled anarchy is the extraordinary range of Elné, who
has already been compared to the likes of Alanis Morissette, Paramore's Hayley Williams and Louise Carver."
- Muse Magazine

Contradicting Clouds' debut live performance was broadcast on national radio station 5FM.
The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and led to a second live hour set on 5FM, this time with the
full 5-member line-up they are today. The angst-ridden hard rock track "8515" reached #1 on the
University of Johannesburg's UJFM SA Chart and the bands' 1st music video was produced in London
by director Casper Franke (Skunk Anansie, Chris Chameleon, Dear Reader) for a song called "Sophistry"
and was broadcast on SA music channel MK for several months.


Contradicting Clouds
Format: Full length album (Audio CD)
Release Date: 2010

(Live) on 5FM Bootleg
Format: Full length bootleg (Mixed Mode CD)/Radio Broadcast
Release Date: 2010

A Place That Time Forgot
Format: Full length album (Audio CD)
Release Date: TBA