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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Pop Electro


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Contrakids - Blur (Premiere)"

Australia is home to some of the craziest electronic festivals, and it's no secret that the country (like any other) harbors quite a few electronic music fans. That's the reason why, after hearing Contrakids' electronic dance/pop records, you can't be too surprised to learn their origin. Jacob Hennien and Jeremy Buffa, also known as Contrakids, hail from the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. You may remember the electronic pop duo by their remix of Savoir Adore's "Regalia," which we posted a few months ago.

The Aussies write, record and produce all of their music, and they're currently readying their free EP, titled Dreaming in 3D. The EP drops in March with 5 new tracks and will most likely provide some dance/electro singles to follow the release of their synth-heavy dance single "We Go, You Go." Today, we're premiering a more laid-back offering by the duo, called "Blur." It's the kind of beautifully nostalgic record to which you can't help but relate.

"Blur" also has the kind of hook and melody that you can't help but hum and sing, repeatedly (as is currently the case for me). Even for someone who feels autotune vocals are pretty played out (sorry, Future), I like that the vocals weren't excessively adjusted on this release. Press play below and enjoy: - Earmilk


We’re all about dance pop over here in our Outliers column — and honestly, the rest of the world is totally with us. So, when we first heard Contrakids’ (@contrakids) newest track “We Go, You Go”, we got up out of our seats, started dancing and knew we had to post it for your listening pleasure. “We Go, You Go” has all the aspects of a good electro-pop song — a good beat, a fun build and lyrics that are all about partying. It’s about time too. We’ve been in desperate need for a new song to listen to when we pre-game. Listen to the new track below, and fair warning, you’re totally gonna start grooving. - The Wild Honey Pie

"Remix Download: Contrakids - We Go, You Go"

Yung Skeeter remixes “We Go, You Go” for Contrakids and he delivers a hype banger with his electro production. Listen to the pounding rework below and download it with an email submission.

You dig? - Pop On and On

"Remix Download: Contrakids - We Go, You Go"

Yung Skeeter remixes “We Go, You Go” for Contrakids and he delivers a hype banger with his electro production. Listen to the pounding rework below and download it with an email submission.

You dig? - Pop On and On

"Contrakids – We Go, You Go (Yung Skeeter Remix)"

We’re pumped because Contrakids have dropped this new DJ Skeet Skeet remix of their track, “We Go, You Go”. The cut is part of a new remix collection that also includes projects with Savoir Adore and Age of Rockets. Rumor has it the band may be in States for SXSW 2013 in support of a new EP release expected in February. - Blah Blah Blah Science

"Contrakids Bring Fans Their New Single"

Contrakids bring fans the brand new single, “We Go, You Go”.

Don’t miss the awesome remix from Savior Adore, exclusively on Spotify. - Spotify US

"Contrakids Remix Savoir Adore"

Watch ‘Dreamers’ here.

Like Contrakids on Facebook.

Purchase Savoir Adore items via Insound.

MP3: Savoir Adore – Regalia (Contrakids Mix) - A Heart Is A Spade

"Savoir Adore - "Regalia" (Contrakids Remix) [Exclusive Download]"

We're in that magical phase where pop is making a slow but steady comeback, and I'm not talking about J. Biebs. I'm talking about the combination of contemporary indie trends along with pop aspects, which makes for catchy and addicting songs. Savoir Adore is one such indie band that does this well. Based in Brooklyn, New York, this unsigned duo has been cranking out indie-pop anthems for the past few years, and are continuing to grow and develop. Naturally, bands like Savoir Adore would be targeted for remixing, as a lot of their work has that high potential. Contra Kids has jumped on the remix train, remixing Savoir Adore's "Regalia" which is off of their sophomore LP Our Nature. Contra Kids is an electronic pop group from Australia with an indie style that complements the sounds of Savoir Adore nicely. Contra Kids introduce a hefty amount of synths and a heavier hitting beat to transform the original to an airy, synth-a-thon track that you can shake your booty to on the good ol' dance floor. Today, we bring you an Earmilk Exclusive download of this remix for you to snack on. - Earmilk

"My Morning Download: “Cry” by Contrakids"

Contrakids are Jacob Hennien and Jeremy Buffa, an electronic pop duo from Sydney, Australia. They rely heavily on auto-tune and while we’ll be the first to admit that form of processed vocals is often over used and not to great effect, this new song “Cry” is one big exception to that rule. Underneath the gorgeous vocals and warm keyboard melodies is an emotionally intense, anthemic song that is impossible to let go of after the first listen. Below, in exchange for your e-mail address, download “Cry.” Listen to and download more of their music here on the band’s Soundcloud. - WXPN

"Sounds From The Front Row"

It’s finally here, the week that’s more of a marathon than a sprint (with runners lacing up their best Brian Atwoods instead of sneakers): New York Fashion Week.

Since not all of us will be in New York for the occasion — or will have invites, for that matter — we’re bringing the front row to you with our sixth edition of StyleCaster’s Sounds from the Front Row.

For the sixth season running, our go-to music man, DJ Mick Boogie has mixed up a special soundtrack to the shows that you can enjoy whether you’re on the front row or sitting on your couch. If you’re not familiar with Mick from past seasons, he’s the creator of Viva La Hova. Recreated by Coldplay and Jay-Z at The Grammys, Mick’s jam is referenced as Gwyneth’s favorite soundtrack for traveling in style – pretty sweet, right?

Mick’s been quite busy since last season too, playing everywhere from the Olympics to the Playboy Mansion, but he’s back just for us to compile and mix fresh tracks from some of our favorite artists like Geographer and Drake — just the kind of music you’ll need to power through this crazy, fabulous week.

Whether you’re buzzing between Milk Studios and Lincoln Center or you’re staying up late following StyleCaster’s up-to-the-nanosecond tweets, let this soundtrack be your one-stop-shop for energy and inspiration. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Happy listening!

Click here to download the free album and check out the full list of tracks below!

Hey Bloggers you can share Sounds From The Front Row VI with your fans by linking back to the download!

Don Will & Geographer: Intro (produced by Chi Duly)
Amtrac: Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
The Kills: Cheap And Cheerful (SebastiAn Remix)
The Knocks & Fred Falke: Geronimo (Louis La Roche Remix)
Frank Ocean: Pyramids (Chi Duly Remix)
Silver Medallion: Racecar Driver
Contrakids: I’m Already Fallin
St Lucia: We Got It Wrong
Lacrymosa: Good At Heart (RAC Maury Remix)
Friendly Fires: Hurting (Ten Shake Remix)
Geographer: Verona
Haim: Forever (Eneve Remix)
Miami Horror & Kimbra: I Look To You
Of Monsters And Men: Little Talks (The Knocks Remix)
Erika Spring: Happy At Your Gale (Aeroplane Remix)
Tanlines: Yes Way
Passion Pit: Cry Like A Ghost
Major Lazer: Get Free (Andy C Remix)
Lovelife: I’m No More
Charli XCX: You’re The One (St Lucia Remix)
The xx: Angels (The Confect Remix)
Jay Electronica: Dear Moleskine
Drake f/ The Weekend: The Ride - Style Caster / New York Fashion Week

"Contrakids - Fool"

Contrakids is about to become the next big thing as we like calling them when a band's potential is that huge that media and the entire music scene are focused on the phenomenon. Coming from Sydney, the duo already delivered several songs in the framework of their first LP called Into You. Somewhere between power pop and R'n'B, both Australians perform addictive songs, such as "Fool", a delightful track supported by a hypnotic autotune and a sensual rhythm. - French Symphony

"Pixelated Love Songs"

Pixelated Songs - Free Indie


Contrakids and Contra might share a similar moniker, but if you’re expecting to neutralize terrorist organization Red Falcon (a group planning world dominiation) then A) you’re stuck in 1987 or B) Seriously people, they’re hard to mix up!

The Syndey, Australia-based electro-pop outfit recently finished work on 2 brand new originals titled “into you” and “come over” respectivly, and if you’re a fan of beach-friendly, ambient, vocoder-adjusted love songs, then these are definitely choons for you.

We’re generally not to big on heavily-tweaked vocal stylings, but the Contrakids have managed to create a unique and thoughtful genre of sound. Definitely keep your eyes out for these cats! We’ve got a feeling big things are headed their way. - The Get Downnn

"Contrakids – Bulletproof (I Hurt You)"

This might get the party started for the weekend and beyond with the Contrakids and their track Bulletproof (I Wont Hurt You) which features a quality sampling of Bulletproof By La Roux.

Contrakids are from Sydney, Australia and have worked some magic with this track that you should definitely check out below and also get your ears listening to their other track ‘Come Over’ too.

We’re looking forward to what tunes these guys will have to offer going forward into 2012 and beyond!!! We hope you are too!!
- Your Music Radar

"[mp3] Contrakids // Younger"

Sydney’s Contrakids seem incapable of making a song that I won’t listen to. Maybe it’s tapping in to my long dormant need to dance, but everything they send our way ends up getting repeated incessantly. Most recently they sent over this song called “Younger,” which also capitalizes on my growing sense of nostalgia. Contrakids really know how to break a person down.

“Younger” is directed squarely at the object of the lead singer’s affection that evening; it’s not groundbreaking in a lyrical sense, but goddamn if it isn’t affecting to think about regaining even a modicum of the freedom that being young afforded a person. And that’s where the song’s real effectiveness lies: in the shared experience that it dredges up for those who’ve had those type of nights.

For Contrakids, I hope they’re banking some great songs for an eventual release, because it seems like they’re hellbent on giving everything they record away for free. Not that I mind, however, because when they come calling, asking for some ducats in exchange for their work, I’ll be happy to. It’s just less I can spend at the bar. - Tympanogram


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve checked in with Australian duo Contrakids, but that doesn’t mean these guys haven’t been busy. They keep coming up with the synth-groove gems that are irresistible in some small way each time. With “Younger,” it’s when the beat kicks in almost two minutes through the song that makes me want to come back and listen again. We’ll also offer another song, “Closer,” for download here. It reminds me of a funky, slightly darker take on the early output of Hellogoodbye. - The Wounded Jukebox


I’m not going to lie: Usher‘s “Climax” caught me totally by surprise. There I was sitting pretty, having totally written him off as dull and derivative, when along came this dramatic, ambitiously minimal monster that lodged itself firmly in my head and is currently holding fort near the top of my tracks of the year list. Sure, it was probably Diplo‘s production that did most of the leg-work, but credit to Usher for being bold enough to go along with it.

What I’m saying is I like the track; so when I heard that long-standing site favourites Contrakids had given it the remix treatment I was pretty excited. It’s a fitting choice for them; right back when we first wrote about them over a year ago it was their minimal aesthetic that really jumped out, and they were definitely ahead of the curve on getting that feel into their music.

What the boys have always been good at is doing a lot with very little: as sparsely instrumented as their tracks are, there’s just something about their synth lines that makes them feel absolutely massive. Where the original of “Climax” was a real triumph of restraint, it’s nice to hear it unleashed a little bit here; it’s definitely a dancefloor-friendly take on the track.

You can stream below and download it here – and as always, if you haven’t already taken the chance to check out Contrakids, hit up the links for more stripped-back dance goodness. - Listen Before You Buy


Still working on that hot first release.



Contrakids is a pop duo, Jacob Hennien and Jeremy Buffa. Jacob brings his love of hip hop, r'n'b and pop to their sound with a voice that lends itself to the unique use of auto-tune that Contrakids have created. Jeremy's background comes from a love of cinematic instrumental music and more eclectic bands. Their music is accessible but cutting edge.

"Sydney’s Contrakids seem incapable of making a song that I won’t listen to. Maybe it’s tapping in to my long dormant need to dance, but everything they send our way ends up getting repeated incessantly. Most recently they sent over this song called “Younger,” which also capitalizes on my growing sense of nostalgia. Contrakids really know how to break a person down."
- Tympanogram

"I can imagine some teen girls getting more than a bit obsessed with this kind of urban emotional electronic stuff."
- Dave Ruby Howe, triple j