Contrast Gray (formerly Lotus)

Contrast Gray (formerly Lotus)


Contrast Gray (originally known as Lotus) is a band that has been amazing crowds and club owners with their energetic stage show and thought-provoking lyrics. After seeing them live, Contrast Gray is not a band easily forgotten!


Originally formed as Lotus in the summer of 2003, Contrast Gray quickly set out to make a name for themselves East Tennessee area. Their drive and ambition paid off and has resulted in them opening for such national acts as CROSSFADE, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, STRATA and LUNA HALO.

Their sound is a progressive mixture of everything they love about rock, all while maintaining a modern style that is distinctively their own.

With the release of Lotus' 2004 CD "Lost in Reality", they earned rave reviews from fans, club owners and radio stations and their energetic live show proves why so many people believe they are not a band you want to miss!

2006 promises to be a big year for the band....armed with a new name and a new CD ("To the Point of Chaos" to be released February 8, 2006), Contrast Gray is ready to break out into other music scenes across the southeast!


Lost in Reality - 2004
The Lotus EP - 2005
To the Point of Chaos - 2006

Set List

Set list
1) With You
2) Unaware
3) Beneath the Waves
4) Best Laid Plans
5) Come Another Day
6) Hold On
7) Control
8) In Memory
9) Perfect Imperfection
10) Back Again
11) Say
12) Only Words
13) Blindly
14) Faded Image
15) Come Another Day (acoustic)
16) Running Away (acoustic)
17) My Broken J.A.W.

Our set usually last between 45 minutes to an hour depending if we throw in a few cover songs or new material.