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Contrast @ El Mocombo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Contrast @ Foundation Night Club w Idle Sons

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Contrast @ Reverb, TORONTO INDIE WEEK

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



THE band of the night "Contrast". Oh matron, Contrast are the dogs's bollocks! From Wasaga Beach they came, not new to the Foundation but new to me. AJ, Andrew, Paul, Rebecca and Zammit did not allow any kind of anticlimax. They came storming on with a deliciously hard-rocking sexy sound which did not leave them for the entire (too short!) set. Only toghether for a handful of months, they are a blazing star right now and not just Rebecca and her incredible voice, who is mesmerising and could get the dead to dance such is her obvious enjoyment of the music, but the whole band are turly the most gobsmackingly fabulous bunch of misfits I've encountered in a long while!
Musically I can't place them, Evanescence is a lazy comparison...Contrast's music is loud, its heavy but never too weighty and it's even the ballads are so much fun it should be compulsory to have Contrast as the noise your car makes when it's starting up. It was loud when necessary and soft when we wanted a shoulder to rest a weary head upon. They play and sing beautiful songs. It was immaculate. I was having a great time when they pulled out the ace - a phenomenal cover of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper". Somewhere in a dusty corner of my soul, a ray of sunlight shone. Simply sublime. See Contrast again at the Foundation on March 7th - do not miss them. I'm looking forward to hearing more original material too. - Jonathan Holt, Barrie Life & TImes, February 2006

"Considering the respective ages of the group. I'm very impressed with the quality of the recording, the maturity of the songwriting/arrangement, and the strength of the lead vocalist. I would love to see this band live".

- John Eaton, General Manager


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Besides a female singer with a strong voice that can sing any genre and attract the attention of any audience, the band consist of two lead guitar players that can take total control or "throw the lead" at each other during the same song. Their audiences have gone wild watching the bass player jump forward and take the front of the stage for a solo while the drummer ties it all together perfectly.

The story of Contrast’s members dates back to the summer of 2004. Rebecca and Andrew had just met, and had been writing acoustic songs in their spare time for fun, and heard about their schools annual Battle of the Bands and wanted to give it a shot. They felt that they would have a better shot at it if they got together a whole band so they went in search for members. There search took them to the doors of A.J Day (bass) and Shaun Gowman (percussion). In Shaun’s basement they put together a three song set and tried their luck and put on a good enough show to earn them a second place. After that they slowly drifted apart and Contrast went back to being just an acoustic duo. The year went by with many musicians jamming with Rebecca and Andrew but none stayed. Still looking for Contrasts “sound” we discovered guitarist Paul Tonks which added creativity and we continued to experiment with two different drummers but still needed to find a drummer with that "contrast" edge. Finally, the search was over when A.J. mentioned that Contrast’s very first drummer Shaun Gowman wanted to play with them again. They immediately jammed with him and that was it.
Now Contrast seems to earn positive recognition wherever their music is played, they also catch the eye of many with having a female lead singer who can give any male rock vocalist a run for their money. Lead Singer Rebecca Stephens powerhouse vocals and songwriting skills have given her immense opportunity in the Canadian music industry. Some of these opportunities have been opening up for Canadian legends Trooper, Paul James and Lighthouse at the ride for site benefit concert in Trenton and the Sunny Days Festival for the cat scan in which she was featured on a cd with several successful Canadian artists. The band as a whole has also opened up for Canadian up and comers Flashlight Brown, The Black Maria, Social Code, and Idle Sons earning a personal greeting from the lead singer of Flashlight Brown after their show, exclaiming “That was an awesome set!”. Contrast has recently recorded at Machine Head studio and has a 4 song demo. Look out for this up and coming rock band, Contrast will be around for a while to come.