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"Control Escape Interview"

From their unique name to their catchy lyrics, this kick ass stoner punk band has all the right stuff. Junior’s Cave recently spent some time with Control Escape via online. Here is what developed.

Band Members:

Ken Adam - vocals & guitar
Peapod - backing vocals, video
Chuck Raniewicz - drums
Zach Rohrer - guitar

Isaac: What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name? Have you changed the band's name before?

Ken: The name of the band is Control Escape. It has to do with the PC key command and the strange opposite implied when you put the words together.

Isaac: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

Ken: We consider our sound to be stoner punk, or maybe Gregorian grunge depending on what kind of mood we're in. We're influenced by the album Transformer produced by David Bowie, early Sabbath, Stereolab, and early Metallica; anything out of the ordinary yet strangely pop within its own niche.

Isaac: How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

Peapod: Ken and I met in 1998 on a film set in Los Angeles. We met Chuck, Young Jimmy & Zack "Big Stacks" in Ithaca where we recorded Generation of Waste.

Isaac: When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

Ken: We started Control Escape after we moved to Central New York after living in Los Angeles for eight years. I guess it sort of started as a reaction to the daily grind. Our jobs were fine, but they were just so fucking boring. I had been writing songs since high school and when digital recorders go really cheap, I bought one and started recording songs again. It was really just for fun at first. But then I think the little producer in Peapod couldn't help itself and she ended up releasing my solo project Poop Yer Pants in '05.

Isaac: Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Ken: We've performed all over the place. Everywhere from my neighbor's garage to hotel rooms in Vegas to rundown radio stations with mics that were built before we were born. We're playing in September at the Utica Music Festival in some sort of Polish community center.

Isaac: Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you ever play any covers? Do you have a set play list?

Ken: We play most of the songs off our new record plus about five or six more that may or may not make it on to our next CD.

Isaac: Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

Peapod: Ken writes all the songs. I help out with lyrics sometimes.

Isaac: What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

Ken: Our rehearsals generally turn out like a Texas cock fight. Everyone leaves drunk and broke and tired. We play Monday and Thursday nights as a full band.

Isaac: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

Ken: It's gotten louder except for when it gets quieter.

Isaac: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Ken: Transportation has been our biggest hurdle, oddly enough. Jimmy needs to buy himself a goddamn car and quit asking everyone for rides.

Isaac: What's your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?

Peapod: We're really just interested in playing more shows hopefully some college gigs.

Isaac: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

Peapod: Yeah, MySpace and our website:

Isaac: Any last words?

Peapod: Thanks, Isaac.

source: - Junior's Cave

"Snob's Music: Control Escape: Generation Of Waste- Album Review"


Generation of Waste is the debut full length album from New York-based indie rock band Control Escape (as in the computer keys).

The band's description of their sound is the intriguing genre of "stoner punk". Having listening to the album, one can certainly see where they are coming from. The humourous slacker approach to their songs fits the bill almost to a tee.

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are perfectly complimented by a loose power pop backing. The combination makes songs like "The Breakdown" sound like modern day Dead Milkmen, which is a very good thing.

"Luxury" and "We Went To Ireland" add elements of alt. country, giving them a Meat Puppets cowpunk feel. "Back On the Drugs" is a stripped down track which seems almost destined to be a lo-fi classic.

Control Escape are at their best when Ken Adam and the craftily named Peapod are trading vocals. The dynamic is almost irresistible on tracks like "Kenny's Big Adventure" and the instant winter wonderland favorite "Snow (No Angels)".

From beginning to end Generation Of Waste is a refreshing, fun, and goofy musical trip that can't be missed.

Best tracks: "Kenny's Big Adventure", "Back On the Drugs"

Track listing for Generation Of Waste:

* The Breakdown
* Luxury
* We Went To Ireland
* Back On the Drugs
* Kenny's Big Adventure
* Erased
* Iraq
* Snow (No Angels)
* Generation of Waste
* Animals Won't Hurt You

8.0 - Snob's Music

""Kenny's Big Adventure" wins 1st Prize!"

Control Escape wins first prize win their song "Kenny's Big Adventure" in the "Get Out of the Garage Music Contest" a national competition sponsored by Converse & Journeys and judged by Downtown Records. -

"L2P Network Album Review"

Quote: "This band is loaded with electricity, in the sound, the lyrics, the production and performance."

Control Escape
CD: Generation Of Waste
Track Added: “Erased”
Review by R.A. Lindquist of

After scanning the track listings (titles like “Back On The Drugs,” “Kenny's Big Adventure,” “Animals Will Hurt You,” and “We Went To Ireland”) I was pretty much predisposed to expect something… different. Those suspicions were confirmed right from the drop of my digital needle, as track one opened with the grinding drone of electric fuzz guitar. I wasn’t quite sure where this was going… until, rising from the grind, starts some very palatable ‘90s style alt rock. This band is loaded with electricity, in the sound, the lyrics, the production and performance. Driving beats, strong vocals, nerve-edge guitar work—its all there.

- Live To Play Network / Singer & Musician Magazine

" Review"

Quote: "This package includes a mix of both powerful and playful messages wrapped in expertly yet artfully played music."

By Nancy Dunham

Sometimes you come across an indie musician whose music is so compelling, so textured, so thoughtful, so – listenable – that you could swear it’s from a major name. That’s the case when you listen to Generation of Waste, the latest album by Control Escape.

Perhaps it’s the ease with which the music moves from acoustic to semi-punk to psychedelic. Maybe it’s the lyrics that shift from plaintive pleading, to full-blown story telling to funky via cool word play and rich double meanings. Whatever the case, Control Escape is an indie that should be a major name.

According to press materials, Ken Adams, the group’s front man, sings and plays every instrument on the album. He has a co-lyricist who sings back up. A drummer and bass player join them on the road.

It’s terrific that Adams, and to an extent his cohorts, have gained some measure of acclaim. The hauntingly somber "Iraq," which is basically an acoustic guitar piece with Adams’ vocals, was selected for Neil Young’s "Living With War" Web site. Control Escape’s music also receives some play on college radio.

That’s just not enough, though. This package includes a mix of both powerful and playful messages wrapped in expertly yet artfully played music. What a shame that the package is apparently left unclaimed by so many.

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"IndieShows: Control Escape"

February 21st, 2009

Control Escape is not a way for you to end a program on your computer, they are a way to end your “I can’t seem to find a new band I like lately” blues. They produce a fantastic smart indie rock sound that can be simple or at times complex, but it is always fun. I’d like to think that they are like a softer grunge rock. They aren’t pure grunge, but, some of their songs like “The Breakdown” are. They seem to just get up there and have a lot of fun during their shows, but they are really tight, and they never forget important details like, shakers, back-up vocals and of course, like in the video below, a projection screen!?! Awesomeness. You gotta watch the video below, it sounds great for a live video!

There. Don’t you feel better now, like you can just take on the world? Or like you want to dance or run outside naked screaming!? If you don’t, then watch the video again until you do. Control Escape is an alternative experimental indie rock band from Freeville, New York. Generation of Waste is their debut album and you can get it HERE.

Please go and learn more about Control Escape at - IndieShows Blog

"Featured Artist Review LPM Magazine"

Control Escape Music Review
by Penny Gower
Feb 2009 issue

New York based alternative five piece Control Escape formed in 2007 after frontman Ken Adam and singer/video artist Peapod moved to New York. It wasn't long before the duo met with drummer Chuck Raniewicz, guitarist Zach Rohrer and bassist Travis Christie who complete the band when they perform live.

When you read that they are influenced by such an array of artists - from Nirvana, Pixies and even Bob Marley - you know that Control Escape will offer you something a little different from the norm.

The debut album Generation of Waste has lyrical content which includes: drugs, war, and the general trials that life throws at you. Their tune "Kenny's Big Adventure" recently won first prize in a national music contest - Get Out of the Garage - sponsored by Converse shoes.

The quintet's lo-fi sound is quirky and dips into different genres including, as they proclaim, the stoner punk field, psychedelic and the singer-songwriter style. Control Escape may only appeal to a select few; nevertheless you will agree that their debut makes for interesting listening. - LPM Voice Magazine


Generation of Waste 2008 (Weasel Land Records)
*Nominated for a 2008 SAMMY award for best Alternative Rock Album*

1. Back on the Drugs
2. Kenny's Big Adventure
3. Erased
4. Snow (No Angels)
5. Iraq
6. Animals Will Hurt You
7. The Breakdown
8. Luxury
9. Generation of Waste
10. We Went to Ireland

Radio Play:
"The Breakdown" - 92.1 FM WICB, Ithaca, NY Feb 08
"Animals Will Hurt You" - LA Talk Radio - Dec 08
"Kenny's Big Adventure" - 92.1 FM WICB, Ithaca, NY Dec 08
"Erased" - Awesome Radio (Australia) October 08
"Iraq" - Overground Radio - September 08
"Back on the Drugs" - Overground Radio - September 08
"Erased" - - September 08
"Erased" - Radio Clandestino - September 08
"Luxury" - Red Rock IRS, September 08
"Animals Will Hurt You" - Red Rock IRS, September 08
"Kenny's Big Adventure" - Crash Test Radio WKQX4, Chicago - Aug 08
"We Went To Ireland" - Lopsided World of Jonathan L - 98 KUPD, Aug 08
"We Went to Ireland" - TEE-M's Rock Show - WPMD - August 08
"Animals Will Hurt You" Troy's Room - LA Talk Radio - August 08
"Erased" - TEE-M's Rock Show - WPMD - August 08
"The Breakdown" - Rae of Sound Radio - Aug 08
"Kenny's Big Adventure" - Rae of Sound Radio - Aug 08
"Erased" - Radio Clandestino - August 08
"Erased" - Rae of Sound Radio - July 08
"Erased" - The Robot 40 Pod Cast - July 08
"Erased" -, Dallas - July 08
"Kenny's Big Adventure" - Wescott Radio, Syracuse - July 08.
"Animals Will Hurt You" - Suffolk and Cool, England - July 08
"Erased" - WEBR, Fairfax Virginia - March 2008
"Kenny's Big Adventure" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008
"Erased" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008
"Iraq" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008
"The Breakdown" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008
"Animals Will Hurt You" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008
"Luxury" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008
"Generation of Waste" - WVBR, Ithaca NY - April 2008

TV Airtime:
"Kenny's Big Adventure" Music Video - CGN7, Portland Oregon

The music video for "Kenny's Big Adventure" was also picked up by Blank TV.



Control Escape puts on a video rock show, a multi-media experience combining original indie rock songs and custom experimental videos.

"This band is loaded with electricity, in the sound, the lyrics, the production and performance. Driving beats, strong vocals, nerve-edge guitar work�its all there." - R.A. Lindquist (Singer & Musican Magazine)

"Sometimes you come across an indie musician whose music is so compelling, so textured, so thoughtful, so listenable that you could swear its from a major name. That is the case when you listen to Generation of Waste, the latest album by Control Escape."
- Nancy Durham (

Generation of Waste, the band's debut LP, was released summer 08 on Control Escape's DIY label Weasel Land Records. Eight of the album's ten tracks have received play on college and/or internet radio. Generation of Waste has been nominated for a 2008 SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) in the Alternative/New Rock category.

The single, "Kenny's Big Adventure" won first prize in the 2008 "Get Out of the Garage Music Contest", a national contest sponsored by Converse & Journey's and judged by Downtown Records. *"Kenny's" is included on a sampler CD being distributed at every Journey's shoe store nationwide.*

Control Escape�s political ballad "Iraq" is a Song of the Times on Neil Young�s Living with War Today website.

And their music video for "Kenny's Big Adventure" has been picked up by CGN7�S Northwest Video Showcase in Portland, OR.

Control Escape was formed in 2007 shortly after principle songwriter Ken Adam and video artist Peapod moved to central New York from Los Angeles. They soon teamed up with drummer Chuck Raniewicz, lead guitarist Zach Roher, and Travis Christie on bass.

Frontman/rhythm guitarist Ken Adam was born and raised in San Francisco. He also records solo works under the name Poop Yer Pants.

Peapod, sings back-up and makes all of Control Escape�s music videos and live video extravaganzas. She grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Drummer Chuck Raniewicz hails from Ithaca, New York. In addition to his uber skills as a rock drummer, he's also a studied steel drum player with Afro-Latin influences. He has backed numerous acts including hardcore band Loss for Words.

Lead guitarist Zach Rohrer is from Elmira, New York. He is the former guitartist for The Electric Shoes.

Bassist Travis Christie is a Freeville, New York native.

Control Escape is currently booking a summer tour.