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Failure is NOT an Option!
Released May 12, 2012
Breaking Point is the first single off of "Failure is NOT an Option!" plays on 106.7 KBPI in Denver, Co



eryone in this world chooses something to be their life…They chose music as theirs.
Chepe Ruiz and Stevie Roberts were introduced in November of 2006 by Chepe's younger brother Angelo and Stevie's younger sister Krystal. Four hours later in a basement room, barley big enough for a bed became the first roots of a band called "Controlled Demise" Nine months, four bassists and two guitarists later, front man Zack Beecroft come along. In August of 2007 Controlled Demise was looking for another bassist and vocalist. A close friend of Stevie's related a number to a possibility that could work if music meant more to him. None the less he brought along Zack and everything they wanted as a vocalist. Just a few months later, in April, Brandon the bands rhythm guitarist was let go. That is when they chose to bring Gabriel Villanueba as their rhythm guitarist. In late August of 2008 Josh Sinclair was found after a controversial change of bassist. Controlled Demise had the members needed to pursue their life's ambition.
After a course of three years, this band has developed into one of the most must see acts in Denver, Co. Having played with national acts such as; Screaming Mechanical Brains, Psychostick, No Bragging Rights, and Silent Civilian. They have been promoted in Denver by Hell on Heels Legion and Progressive Motion Presents. Having support from local acts from;
Animus, The Killing Of Kindness, Before We're Done, Ashes Of Ruin, Indifiance Of Light, Subject of Change, Smackfactor, Hate By Example, Pitsix, Multiple Death Syndrome, Between The Dead, Mr. Patterson, Sanity's Edge, Torrid Flesh, Nine Tenths of The Law, Brothel, Angelic Desolation, Cruxvae, Goddamn, Steel Blade Vengeance, Such as I am, Saved By Ruin, Zahar, No 1 Left Standing, Phoenix Rising, Underminer, Calculating Genocide, Face Full of Handle, In Chase of Autumn, Paynevendor, Tripsin Effect, Revelation Union, The Disciples, Cherry Bomb, A Harlem Sunset, Stoned Scared, Tony Two Tone, Cerial Viktum, Of Sins and Sorrows, Beneath Shadows, Counter Crisis, Wading Through Corpes, Cider Court, Signs of Tragedy, Can't Quit Get Right, Last Tragedy, Entangled, Sign of Tragedy, The Skull Crows, Everything In Between.

They may just be a local band but they all embrace their music as life and have their eyes set on the entire world. They have believed in themselves and fought for the life's they have today. No looking back for this band. They'll scream it forever and embrace it for eternity. "Life is worth fighting for, even if you have nothing to believe in" Everyone in life chooses something to be in their life... They chose music as theirs…