Our music is very heavy and very simple. We usually have good beats for headbanging or moshing. Every now and again we might even throw in something melodic.


Convalescent is a band with a simple but singular musical idea, power groove. Our music has grown to be very powerful, but it always grooves.
The initial concept was to tune down the guitars and do a little yelling and a lot of cursing. As time has passed we have became much more talented in writing riffs and structuring songs around them.
We sound a lot like the current crop of metal, but with a more melodic point of view. Our singer has become a balladeer, using his voice to convey the emotion that our lyrics imply. Our guitars will sometimes craft multi-layered juxtapositions out of melodies, counter melodies, and harmonies, over the crushing guitar riffs that fuel our songs.


Isolated - 2005

Out of the Ashes - 2006

Set List

Our set list (all original songs) looks like this:

Invalid - 4:25
Forsake Me - 3:00
Dependant on Me - 3:30
Dream World - 3:45
Unharmonious - 5:20
Why am I Diseased ? - 4:25
Reticent - 4:25
Amped - 3:40
Into the Grey - 3:10
Mental Lapse - 4:15
The Hurting Me - 4:30
Discarded - 3:10
Never Meant To - 3:45
Apology - 5:30