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EP released in 2013.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 2007, two friends began to make music together with the sole purpose of creating something that they could believe in; the one rule they had was that no matter what, the music had to speak for itself. They wanted to make something without boundaries or worry but above all else, something honest. From this CONVERSATION was formed.

Influenced by the post hardcore genre, CONVERSATION have a frantic, high energy make up that ranges from crushing breakdowns to ambient bridges and anthemic choruses. Their live show walks a fine line between controlled chaos and outright bedlam, yet all the while maintaining enough composure to start and stop on a dime. Years later, Timothy John Bolton and Erik Tandberg still believe that the greatest music is created when you simply allow it to be what it needs to be. The scenery and key players may have changed but CONVERSATION is still a band based solely around the honesty in its songs.

In 2013, CONVERSATION re-located to Toronto, Ontario where three new members were found: Sofian Underly on drums, Alex Pley on lead guitar and Jason Prolas on rhythm guitar and vocals. Currently, new songs are being written and recorded to release in the near future and tours are being planned for late 2013 and early 2014.

The reason that CONVERSATION stands out amongst so many other bands is the simple fact that there is no filter when it comes to its members, its message or its songs. They make music for music. They write words because they need to be said. They leave everything on every stage they play because to hold back, even in the slightest, makes no sense to them. If you take one thing away from listening, watching or speaking with CONVERSATION it should be the honest truth that this is everything…….and this is now.