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Hip Hop's most truthful Emcees! Fresh off of being named the Gulf Coast's Gospel Rap Group of the Year, Converted Soul is gearing up to release their 2nd album! After receiving airplay throughout the UK and London, CS is poised to invade the minds of unbelievers and encourage existing Christians!!


Converted Soul, now inked to the burgeoning record label BEATZ FOREVER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed nationally by Sony Red), is comprised of biological brothers Danny and Dwight Ladd, Jr., (respectively known as C.H.A.O.S. and SounDoctrine), and first cousin Danielle Darrington-Rowe, this lyrically diverse trio creatively fuses hip-hop with R&P (rhythm and praise), while simultaneously spreading the soul-converting gospel. The group was formed in the spring of 2001 and its name is derived from Psalms 19:7, which reads, "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul." In this particular scripture, the three found a parallel in which to live their lives.

A unique aspect of their music is that of the audience they reach. Converted Soul's music is considered to be universal, as they have succeeded in finding a balance between all ages, gender, and ethnic backgrounds. Because music is today's universal language, the group's mission is to continue to spread the Word of God, and lead as many people as possible to Christ by reversing the carnal mindset of today's society through the medium of Hip-Hop Gospel.

In addition to receiving national radio airplay, Converted Soul has also appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network's (TBN) JC-TV program. They also ministered live on the Word network as participants on the Tribe talk show. The anointed three-some has also shared venues with such notable artists as: Deitrick Haddon, Marvin Sapp, The Williams Brothers, Generation J, KJ-52, Erick Matthews, Charles Woolfork, etc.
Most recently, Converted Soul has been on the road opening for Gospel Hip-Hop veterans G.R.I.T.S. (formerly of Gotee Records). They've also taken part in the "Doin' it Big Tour" featuring Canton Jones and Mr. Del.


Boys to Men

Written By: Dwight Ladd, Keith Proffitt

(1 Corinthians 13:11) Verse 1 (SounDoctrine) Now it’s impossible to serve two bosses so tell me why so many carry counterfeit crosses/if you seek the truth by faith your heart will be filled/but to the ones who are lost the Word is never revealed/don’t take His grace for granted we could never cover the bill the garden left us damaged but by His blood are we healed/descendants of Abraham so the covenants sealed/the harvest is plentiful we need to labor the field/see I’ve confused many by abusing their feelings left some with mixed emotions from our sexual dealings/and though I know the flesh is weak when the Spirit is willing we’re born in sin to commit it is a natural feeling/now tell me have you been forgiven by Christ/have you repented backslid and did the same sin twice/have you continued in sin that grace abound/God forbid what we speaking is the doctrine thru sound/see I have found that His strength is made perfect in weakness the earth is mine if I shall continue in meekness/the struggles in my mind so I know I’ll defeat this/God I thank you for the wisdom that allows me to speak this-Chorus-From boys to men, we’ve done some good we’ve sinned, You forgave us, You saved us You are our closest friend –Verse 2 (SounDoc) Now growing up yall I never really was a bad kid and most times I tried to emulate what dad did/church on the weekends and even bible class/no secular music it was Mississippi mass choir and commissioned I was listening to/john p. kee, ron winans and the family too/but as I grew being curious got the best actions and pretty soon I fell in love with my distractions/looked in the mirror it was innocence lost/experimented with flesh and had to suffer the cost its like david with Bathsheba Thomas judas and peter/though the circumstances differed we’ve all betrayed the leader/yet and still He loves us beyond oour wildest dreams so lets dispose of those childish things-Verse 3 (C.H.A.O.S.) As we travel experiences they keep us in line/I see signs that make my sins decline I hurt I cry I smile when its time to, I’m only human must I remind you/my flesh is weak my Spirit is strong I got voices in my head trying to lead me wrong/but I lean not to my own understanding though the worlds influences are demanding/I’m climbing I’m searching I’m focused for the long term/if I read the map I wont make a wrong turn/ this is dedicated to my father who died/he couldn’t save everybody but at least he tried/form boys to men we lose we win we love we sin-


April 2004- Debut album "Problem.Cause.Solution"
Fall 2007- Sophomore album "Conscious Decisions"

Set List

Songs performed are-
1. Intro (varies-30 to 60 seconds)
2. Don't Hate"
3. He Deserves The Praise
4. Boys to Men
5. I Wanna Serve Him
6. What's His Name
7. Merciful
We perform a remixed version of Al Green's "Everything is Gonna be Alright."
The Preached Word often comes in the middle of our set, but it all depends on how the venue is designed.
-sets normally average 30-45 minutes