Convert To Cannibalism

Convert To Cannibalism


CTC has been compared to Bayside and TREOS. Playing for crowds reaching close to 200 people. Each and every note is delivered with intensity and elegance and leaves you wanting more and more.


Convert To Cannibalism(not hardcore) was formed in mid 2008 in Fitchburg MA with an alternative post punk sound but have really cracked down and got some work done over the last year. It wasn't until we came together with our 2nd guitar player, Dave, that songs came steadily. After being in the jazz classes at school we realized that playing music is what we wanted to do, everyday all day. So we did and as a result you have Convert To Cannibalism. Each member has their own individual influences, but together we are most influenced by Bayside and The Receiving End of Sirens. The level of dedication that Convert To Cannibalism puts in is unmatched by young bands these days, practicing 4-5 times a week for 6-7 hours at a time as well as individual practice. When CTC plays the hard work and dedication is clearly represented. Have a listen!


2 Song demo ft. This is what i do and sex and coffee.
EP out soon!
4 songs- including 2 previously recorded as well as Tough It Out and I Can Explain The Metal.

Set List

Sets consist of usually 6-8 originals and 1 cover.

1. Sex & Coffee
2. This Is What I DO
3. Tough It Out
4. I Can Explain The Metal
5. Rooftops
6. Here Now
7. All I Know
8. Listen
9. Follow The Leader
10. Broken And The Few
11. My Demise