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In an ever so needed music genre that is becoming flooded with new artists, wrong motives and watered down messages, Convicted is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. A dynamic producer, serious song writer and a full-time evangelist with a heart to reach the lost.


*To hear Convicted's testimony, listen to the track titled "Look into my eyes"!

In today's Hip-Hop culture, there's no warm welcome for "positive hip-hop". If you're not talking money, sex or violence you'd better be talking about something real. From the hood to the steeple, Convicted's music is both relevant to the streets and full of biblical truth. His "No compromise" approach (both on the mic and in real life) will cause listeners to either love him or hate him.

What would the world be like today if everyone always told the truth? What would it be like if the church always told both sides of God's story? If we always told of the dangers of Hell's fire along with the goodness of God's grace... Convicted's debut album Fire and Grace does just that while taking you on a roller coaster of versatility in both sound and content. Witty word play, characterized delivery and raw lyrics combined with hard-hitting, versatile beats will keep your attention throughout the entire album.

As always there are a few songs that may stand out. The motivational, "Back up on my feet" is an extremely encouraging song for the fallen believer! You can almost here the music crying over the hard hitting southern-style drums. The singing and lyrics by Ammanda Emmerton really elevate the mood and when the hook comes in, you will be pumped!
"Skater's Anthem" is a crazy fun jam that really describes the culture. The catchy hook, grunge guitar and amazing skateboarding sound FX are eventually followed by the gospel. Skater's across the nation will be ministered to as they jam this track. "GS Anthem" is as krunk as it gets and full of praise to the king! This one will definitely set it off with the high-synths and low subs knocking over krunk chants. The metaphorical "Like my Girl"
will surprise everyone the first time they listen to it and "Look into my Eyes" will bring you to tears as Convicted explains his life story and how he came to Christ. The mood swings in this song are insane and the lyrics are as real as it gets. Definitely a song that people in the streets will be relating to and appreciating.

Fire and Grace is a great representation of holistic Christianity and the truth about heaven and hell. There is never a dull moment on this album and by the time it's over, listeners will know the non-sugar coated truth about God. Fire and Grace will definitely be one of those albums that makes an impact!

Convicted, born Curtis Forbes of Bradenton Florida, began his adventure in music in 1996 when he started writing lyrics. For many years, the songs that he wrote were songs from the heart and mind of a lost young man living the street life. In the summer of 2000 he started to produce music and started the Hip-Hop group, THC Soljaz with his best friend. After a few years of the group’s major sins and minor success, such as a local album, local air play and opening up shows for National recording artists “Ying Yang Twins” and “Bone Crusher”, the group came to an end when Convicted surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Eventually, he knew that he was called by God to serve the youth in the gospel hip-hop ministry and continued doing so by making God’s Soldiers a ministry and starting a new solo career in holy hip-hop.

Convicted is now an artist who writes songs and produces holy hip-hop for Run Hard Records. He travels from city to city, sharing the love of Christ through his music and his life. When he's not with his wife and kids, you can catch him serving in the community or skateboarding with the crew!

“I just want to help win souls for the kingdom and equip others to fight the war between the spirit and the flesh.I’m trying to share my faith as often as Satan does, wishing to give God all of the glory.” says Convicted, a young man who is serious about his father’s business.

*For more information on Convicted's music, visit or\convicted


The submision (1 AD) EP - God's Soldiers
Blood bought EP - Convicted
featured on "Cry for Sunday" by Cheer up Charlie
Fire and Grace (Debut album ) - Convicted

Set List

Convicted Show:
*Shows will be tailored to best serve each venue
*Show begins with 1 song followed by intro (5 min)
*3 songs followed by give away game (15 min)
*Break with testimony (5 min)
*3 songs including testimony (15 min)
*Final song followed by challenge (10 min)
*Show time about an hour
*Music performed by Convicted and special guests
*Sound can be provided
*Lighting can be provided

Song list: (Songs will be selected to best serve each venue)
Back up on my feet
Skater's Anthem
Look in to my eyes
Let's Go
Whatcha gonna do
Grace n Mercy
Thy will be done
Take it to the cross
Life aint easy
Take me now
Like my girl
Whom shall I fear
GS anthem
Let go (it aint worth it)