Mukwonago, Wisconsin, USA

We give every gig everything we got. We never hold back and play for the people. We will play anywhere anytime, even if its just for ourselves. We are in music because we want to make something of it, otherwise we wouldn't be wasting our time.


Conviction is a 5 piece band. We play songs that people want to hear, but not the same old covers. Every show we have is always better than the last. We all get along like a family and practice like theres no tomorrow. Even with work, the band is the first priority. Have played everywhere from the Rave, to local bars such as Lindeys.


Recorded a Demo ourselves on our laptops, quality is rough, but the song is definately there!

Set List

1-Bawitdaba-Kid Rock

2-Bad Religion-Godsmack

3-What do you think?-Original

4-Becoming the Bull-Atreyu

5-Lost Cause-Original

6-She Hates Me-Puddle of Mudd


7-Simple Man-Shinedowon Version

8-It's Been Awhile-Staind

9-Country Boy-Aaron Lewis

10-Wanted Dead or Alive-Bon Jovi


11-Drum Solo/Riot-Three Days Grace

12-Hell No-Original

13-Feel Like I Do-Drowning Pool

14-Bad Girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman

15-Deserve Something Worse-Original

16-I'm Not Alone-Original

17-Bad Company-Five Finger Death Punch Version

18-Make Your Way-Original

19-So Good At Being Bad-Original

20-The Middle-Jimmy Eat World


22-The Bottle Is My Friend-Original

23-Midnight Rider-Original

24-(Encore) Sound of Madness-Shinedown