New York City, New York, USA
BandPopDream Pop

CON VOS' blend of dream-pop and hip-hop has drawn comparison to a diverse range of artists from Beach House to Gorillaz, Jessie Ware to Drake.

Their debut EP Cocoon Bloom was released on February 4th 2014 and is available to download for free via the band's website -


CON VOS' blend of indie-pop and hip-hop is difficult to define. It is a musical marriage between artists with two very different sensibilities. CON VOS came together in January 2013 when Brooklyn-based Irish folk musician Sorcha Richardson received an email from New Jersey rappers Fortunate Ones while at a recording studio in her home town of Dublin, Ireland. Wanting to move into new territory outside of the hip-hop records that they had been making as a duo, Fortunate Ones asked Sorcha to complete the lineup of their new experimental outfit and CON VOS was created. The trio's debut EP "Cocoon Bloom" is a seamless collection of smooth-pop and alternative hip-hop. Five tracks of funky, 80s infused production (courtesy of band member Genetics), melancholic female vocals and slick raps, this is a fresh sound from a band that is just getting started. CON VOS is proof that different genres can work together beautifully. A part of Music's evolution is contributed to artists experimenting and creating new sounds while paying homage to their predecessors. CON VOS are forward thinkers whose goal is to make feel good music that has integrity. CON VOS' Cocoon Bloom EP is available now at .


Cocoon Bloom (February 3rd, 2014)