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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Interview with Dr. Bones"

Interview with Dr. Bones from London, Ontario - Dr. Bones on Spreaker

"Beekeeper and Convoys Show Review"

The night began with Toronto three-piece garage rock band Convoys. Loud and energetic with a whole lot of distorted guitar and dance moves thrown in, they had the girls in the audience all very excited. But with danceable songs like “Taking Control” and “Changes” played early on, it was difficult not to at least have your toes tapping.

Their set also included two brand new songs that edged over into the near psychedelic rock territory. Mentioning that their second show ever was actually played with beekeeper at Sneaky Dee’s just over a year ago, they’ve definitely tightened up their live performance since their EP GOGO/BANG was released last Fall. They do however have some work to do in the banter department – but even they knew it and were able to joke about it when not attempting to make conversation. Many tuning breaks meant frontman Jason Jang got in a lot of practice though and maybe they learned some pointers from Lougheed of beekeeper afterwards. Ending their set with the rocking “Groundwork” kept everyone in the dancing mood through until the end. It was a great start to the night! -

"Convoys - Gogo/Bang Review"

Toronto band Convoys is comprised of Jason Jang (guitar, vocals), Sebastian Lesch (bass, vocals) and Greg Muhlbock (drums). They released their three song EP GOGO/BANG at the end of August and it’s one that is keeping the summer heat alive and well as the chill of Fall settles in.

An unrelenting and hard-hitting rock song, “Groundwork” gets things started with dirty punk-rock infused vocals. Clashing drums you can feel reverberate in your chest pound out a beat that will quickly have you “dancing [their] dance.” While Jang’s yelling vocals on “I am not a robot” didn’t quite rub me the right way, the almost psychedelic-sounding guitar riffs and heavy bass lines are anything but robotic and kept my interest.

Third and final song “Taking Control” was the standout track on the EP for me. A little bit sunnier and surfy compared to the other two, there is an infectiousness to their “hey hey’s.” An electricity courses through this track, capturing the sweatiness of a summer dance party in just over 2.5 minutes. It’s a lot of fun, so go ahead – tap your foot and shimmy a bit to this one.

The band describes themselves as being “here to have a good time” and that’s exactly what GOGO/BANG is. The EP is up for free download on their Bandcamp and the release party is set for this Thursday, October 18, at The Silver Dollar. If their live show is anything like they are recorded, it should be a great time! - Buying Shots for Bands


So you’ve just experienced something shocking and you need to get away from the situation, but you’re missing one element to make your escape a little bit more ‘dramatic’, what could it be? Convoys‘ three-track EP titled GOGO/BANG might be the getaway soundtrack for you!

Good storytelling consists of: a clear vision, an exciting opening, a dramatic middle, and a satisfying ending that leaves the audience wanting for more. This is how I felt after experiencing the ‘mini movie’ that was GOGO/BANG. Convoys did a splendid job in arranging their songs in such a way that it echoed the experience of watching a high-octane heist/pulp-fiction/romance movie in the theatre.

(recommended: listen to the album while you read this review)

Ground work: The intro immediately sets the tone for the album. As the guitars fast paced strumming is immediately interrupted by several instances of silence, we can sense that something or someone is watching…but who? Emerging out of the dark shadow behind the couch, the sexy but stalker-like bass taps a shoulder. Frightened, the guitars and drums contemplate on an escape route as the raspy vocals narrate what is to come with our intrepid trio. Let the Chase begin!

I Am Not A Robot: Hop into the convertible, slam the door, sunglasses down, punch the gear into over drive, tires screech leaving a huge cloud of sand behind. Just when our heroes thought they were safe, they hear the wailing sirens of the police car tailing them from behind. And to make things worse, the bass has caught up with our trio on her motorcycle. While arguing back and forth at the top of their lungs, both groups realize that they now have a common enemy – the cops. It’s time to work together and shake the Fuzz off our tail!

Taking Control: After working together to escape, both vehicles pull over our trio realizes that the bass, although a tad psychotic, is not that bad. As they all cock the back of their heads in laughter and jump in the air in celebration, the moment is captured in a freeze frame; upbeat, happy music kicks in and the end credits begin to roll. It is only fitting for the most uplifting, head bobbing song to be at the end of this fun journey!

With bright sounding surfer-like guitars, clean non-auto tuned raspy vocals, punchy light acoustic drums, and a seductive bass, Convoys’ GOGO/BANG brings its listening audience back to a time where good melodies, and simplicity were the highlights of music; just like a movie with a good simple story and non of the obligatory explosions for explosion’s sake. It is nice to experience music that is not focused in ’show-boating’ but instead encourages us to use our imaginations with musical accompaniment.

I highly recommend this EP and give it four 80’s freeze frames out of 5!

Stream Convoys’ GOGO/BANG on their Bandcamp. - The Take Media

"New Release: Convoys - Gogo/bang"

Summer may be on the wane, but thanks to CONVOYS you have at least one more shot at a fling with a fun summer album. Riddled with elements of punk, ska and even a touch of surf, the debut release by the young band is certainly one best enjoyed with a beer in the sun.

Rising from the ashes of now-defunct KILL GIANTS, CONVOYS is all about having a good time. The EP, entitled GOGO/BANG, is made up of three upbeat tracks that don’t take themselves too seriously. Interestingly, you can also hear just a hint of darkness underneath the surface; my vote is that’s an element that will be further explored in their future work.

The best track on the album is opener Groundwork with its frantic drumbeat and building, catchy chorus that just begs for a group sing-along – I almost accidentally yelled it out while writing this at work!

The album release party for GOGO/BANG is Oct 18 at The Silver Dollar; I’ll give a strong personal recommendation that you be there for this one. I had the good fortune of catching CONVOYS a few months back, they won’t disappoint! - The Indie Machine

"Capsule Review: CONVOYS [EP Release] @ the Silver Dollar"

CONVOYS is a band that comes on strongly. There’s no “getting to know each other” phase for these guys; as soon as I walked in the door of The Silver Dollar it went straight to “hey-stranger-can-you-wipe-the-sweat-off-my-face-i-can’t-because-im-rocking-out-too-hard-and-i-have-two-beers-thanks.”

It’s that kind of energy that makes every CONVOYS show – and I’ve been to my fair share – a ton of fun. The crowd consistently loves all of their songs and jumps all over the place for the entirety of the set. With this show being the release party for the band’s second EP, Return to…, this was even more evident than I’ve seen in the past.

CONVOYS play a sweaty brand of rugged garage dance-rock; they’re a three-piece, but they sound like a lot more. Jason Jang leads the way in the perspiration/shouting department, while Sebastian Lesch provides the harmonies and basslines and Greg Muhlbock kicks the shit out of his drumkit.

The thing about CONVOYS is that their passion on stage is so evident that it overshadows any mistakes or imperfections that may arise. Their music isn’t meant to be perfect, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a very visceral feeling, and one that not a lot of bands can convey live.

My favourite song is still undeniably Groundwork from their first EP, GOGO/BANG, but what I’ve heard of the new songs – both live and recorded – indicate that Return to… is no slouch either, with Misinterpreted and Far From Home being the standout tracks.

I’ve been to a number of CONVOYS shows in the past few months, and every time I see them they get better. Be sure to check out the new EP below, as well as this nifty little video taken from the release show!
- The Indie Machine

"CONVOYS PLay Debut Performance"

Kill Giants, known for providing some of the sweatiest live performances in Toronto, have recently reformed as Convoys. Check out their debut set at Rancho Relaxo tonight, along with Divine Hammer and Meeko Cheech. Doors open at 9pm - 24 HOURS


Still working on that hot first release.



Convoys is a sweat-inducing frenzy of buzzy guitar riffs and a tight rhythm section. Convoys  explores grunge, rock, math, and noise creating a catchy and raw experience. After spending 3 years playing covers in bars all over South Korea, frontman Jason Jang ventured back to Toronto with new motivations to rock harder than ever.

In 2011, he would meet Sebastian Lesch and Greg Muhlbock to later form Convoys. A trio of multi-talents, DIY has become a religion for the boys in Convoys. Between self producing the music, web development, graphic/post design, silk screen, and video production, they have worked hard to build a strong identifiable brand and aesthetic for all things Convoys.

The self-produced EP Return to... is a raw and emotional ride of personal conflicts. It features crowd pleasers Far from Home and Misinterpreted. In the fall of 2012, they created their own line of cereal complete with original artwork, puzzles, prizes, and download card. Convoys Crunch would be sold at the merch table to confused concertgoers.

They would go on to produce a music video for, Far From Home, and continue to produce a YouTube show Cooking with Convoys which features barely-edible creations in their jam space for their drummers undying appetite. The word cooking is used very loosely here.

Kicking off 2014, Convoys is proud to announce the upcoming release of their first feature length album, "See and Breathe". No strangers to collaboration, they have recruited local artists to create 9 unique designs for album art. In lieu of CDs or vinyl, See and Breathe will have 9 different art-postcards that will be displayed at their merch-table at their shows.

After a successful 3 years of playing in Toronto and greater area, they have garnered a growing following, and continue to impress audiences with their high-energy and tight live show.

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