London, England, GBR

Love. Collie. Cosmos.


Coockoo is a young and eccentric, alternative rock band, based in London. Internet success in January 2009 with their provocative single Groupies’ Anthem (F.U.C.K) brought instant popularity within the Russian underground music scene. Some might call them the favourites of British and American rock icons. Shirley Manson from Garbage herself has chosen Coockoo as a supporting band for the whole Russian tour in 2012. This band also opened up for Pete Doherty, One Night Only, Jay-Jay Johanson, The Wombats, British Sea Power and We Have Band. “The best opening act I’ve ever seen!” - these are words of many fans that had a chance to see Coockoo playing live.
Raw guitar riffs, powerful synths are standing cheek to cheek with tender female vocals and lyrics in their songs proclaiming unity of female and male beginning in every human being on the planet Earth.


Coockoo - Cosmoventura (2010)
Coockoo - Pop, Rock, Electronic (2011)

Set List

Coockoo - Mean Girls
Coockoo - I Wanna Be a Man
Coockoo - Revolution
Coockoo - Like a Flower
Coockoo - Saviour
Coockoo - Pluto
Coockoo - Groupies' Anthem (F.U.C.K.)
Coockoo - Ego