Coo & Howl

Coo & Howl

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Coo & Howl play richly layered, experimental pop music that combines elements of folk, blues, classical and rock... catchy, quirky music that stirs something in both the heart and the guts.


Coo & Howl is a 5-person collective of family members and friends, most of whom have performed together in Boston bands for the last ten years. These close musical partnerships have allowed the band to develop a uniquely collaborative writing style. Each song is balanced by a tension between influences and styles—and hints at recognizable genres without falling prey to the conventional trappings of any particular one.

Even a casual listen to either of the band's EPs (Water Came & Cooled Us All, Esses) offers a rewarding experience that covers a lot of sonic ground. Shifting subtly between folk, psychedelia, blues and classical, the music twists and turns without sacrificing a pop-oriented focus on melody. A more careful listen reveals the band's obsessive attention to composition and arrangement. Layers of little sounds bring the songs to life, and betray a real love of the recording process.

Coo & Howl make music for the pure joy of it. And it shows


Old Bones

Written By: Matt Savage

you're a tar pit
love is frozen in
your sweet fossils
will stand here
in thousands of years

Diplodocus deep in rock for us
every ivory bit of beauty
Apatosaur in the clay we saw
every ivory bit above us

soil and centuries
oh, your bones will go
and all of your babies
will build your atoms up
and wonder at your motion
and know that you were grand

in the scaffolding
many skeletons
one by one are all escaping

Sea Dragon-Shaped

Written By: Matt Savage

you were weightless and sea dragon-shaped
undetectable as you drifted
impossible anywhere but here,
where you fit with jigsaw precision for a fiery spell

a disaster invisible against other disasters
for a fiery spell

cannot come to shine
on what's burning in your wires
or cut the fuse off at the spark
and stop what keeps on coming from reaching its mark

i'm a flower when my tentacles spread
i open wide for you
flushed red when we were fused
mapping the tender places
if only for a fiery spell

i've a beak and a terrible bite
that goes deeper than we do

Big Blue Heron (parts 1-3)

Written By: Matt Savage

Part 1
Daughters inside,
Oh, little ideas of them now

All that implied happiness
Hiding in the atoms
Of how I’ve been feeling,
Sealed in every pretty passer-by

Part 2
Happiness moves like starlight
Across millions and millions of years
By the time
It gets to me
The source is gone

Part 3
I got distracted
And for a minute there
Froze like a great big blue heron
And watched you move closer

I was refracted
In that salty inlet water
Distorted but still whole,
Bent, but bent toward you

We could’ve been a different thing
And held on to keep from getting cold
Or growing guarded

But I am a fixed point
Around which things revolve
And you are in orbit
Around another fiery light.


Water Came & Cooled Us All - EP - 2009
Esses - Lullabies EP - 2010