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Born in Pencecola, Florida May 9, 1982. He grew up in North Carolina in a small town called Belmont, and in 1999 moved to Charlotte. During this time he really got into music and it consumed his world. In 2002 he made a big move to Killeen (K-Town) Texas. Cookie was drawn to that southern rap style and in 2003 started rapping at competitions in a club called Axcess. Competitions were held every Sunday and he was crowned a 12 time champ. Later in 2004 he hooked up with a group called 2 Suave and it's been going down ever since. Cookie a.k.a. C-Monster has a natural talent for rappin'. He's been in the rap game almost four years now. He can do a song with anyone and his verses are very well known in Killeen. All he needs is to be known by the rest of the world. It's goin' down in '07. Watch out for ya boy and his solo debut album "P.I.M.P.- Paper In My Pocket" is coming soon!


Compilation CD- Boss of Bosses: The Mack The Pimp The Hood Boss released 1 April 2007.