Cookie Makin' Satan Haters
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Cookie Makin' Satan Haters

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The best kept secret in music


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Cookie Makin Satan Haters released a self titled full length album with 13 songs in March of 2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are the Cookie Makin Satan Haters. We are a rock band. We have no support from any kind of label. We do everything ourselves. We don’t have a hamster’s chance in the large intestine of keeping up with Jones’ of the music world. And to that we say “f%$k it”. We don’t have expensive equipment. No one in our band is rich. All of our mothers and fathers worked hard just to get by, just like we do now. No gimmicks. No connections. None of us knows what Emo is. We don’t have our hair parted over one eye. Fashion isn’t really our thing.

I mean who wants to sound like another Blink 182 or some other clone pop punk band that has flooded the music scene over the last few years? Bands used to have ethics and lived up to them. Now selling out is the norm. Have a little self-respect. Whores will be treated like whores.

Whatever happened to rock music anyhow? Back in the early 90’s there was a surplus of awesome bands. Now those bands have morphed into rock dinosaurs like Rage Against the Soundgarden and Guns & Stone Temple Pilots. The pre-requisite for being signed these days is having already sold millions of albums in a previously mega band. That is arena rock bullshit at its most desperate.

Go back to the garage. Get back to the basement where true rock and roll still lives, inside of our hearts where it all started. We never got into this band just so we could sell out and loose all the respect that we may have earned. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you need to be on American Idiot Whore Face to play music. Don’t think you need endorsement deals and an iPod spot to be a respected band. Please just rock from the tips of your big toes to the depths of your soul.

Please download our stuff and share it. If you like it support us by buying an album or coming to one of our shows. That is all. Free downloading in the end will save music. It will give the underground a chance. We all need a chance.

Rock and roll comes and goes, ebbs and flows. Help bring it back.

We are named after judemental Bitches.

I drive quite a bit and on the back of my car I have a Cookie Makin Satan Hater bumper sticker. I get the strangest looks from people as they pass me on the highway. It is funny how much judgment is passed upon our name. That bumper sticker is a badge of honor that I wear with pride. Not just because this band is my dream come true, but moreso because of the inner-strength it takes to absorb that judgment. The ability to absorb judgment is the single most important gift that rock and roll has given to me. That gift was brought to me by Kurt Cobain. Now by playing music I can only wish to help other kids feel good about being exactly who they are, no matter what they look like or who they are labeled as and help them realize that those who judge them only trap themselves with their perspective.

I have always looked at our name as a hurdle. If you can't get past that first hurdle then how are you ever going to get into our music?

You find your strength from within.