Cook Street

Cook Street

 Barrington, Illinois, USA

Hey, we're Cook Street, an Alternative Rock band (if you're into labeling music that way) from IL. We love playing live and in the studio, but hey, who doesn't? We write our own songs as well as play classic rock and punk artists (good ones, not like shitty pop punk, more The Clash and Nirvana.) Woo


Connor Murray is the impulsive cheeky one who plays bass and sings Bass

Conor Kelch is the Jedi Master who plays keys and sings Tenor One

Maddie Johnson is the world class badminton player who plays rhythm guitar and sings Soprano

Austin Gerali is the Italian one who plays the drums and sings Baritone

Jamie Hardy is the sarcastic bro who plays Lead guitar and sings Tenor Two


Swank- Single
Sweet Angeline-Single
1.Sweet Angeline
2.Gregory Jim Robot