Detroit, Michigan, USA
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High energy, fun, Crowd's always have a great time. I tell my audience to dress to sweat because you WILL NOT sit still.


Welcome to CoolBeanz and the Nerd Invasion. From Teenage parent, to soldier, to crook, to inmate, to homelessness, to single parent, to cosmetologist, to one of Detroit's elite hip hop artist, to the worlds only outspoken/ rebellious/ tough guy nerdy are guaranteed to get an earful of every aspect of life when you listen to RenCen CoolBeanz. The "anti-normal" activist has dedicated his career and life to encouraging people to wear their skin and individual personality proudly. " I feel like people are accustomed to to shunning the "different" person. The funny thing is that person usually ends up being whats in style later on." When you hear CoolBeanz you can feel the reflection of an overwhelming nice guy with a deep compassion for the underdog topped of with a ruff/ tough guy attitude. "I am truly a nerd and I will swing on you with no problem if necessary. I'm not saying that everybody has to physically have altercations but we (Nerds) have been picked on for too long and would never fight back. My music helps the fight not be so irrational. Columbine was a tragic example of what the pressures of being different can do to kids." Other than all that. I effing rock panties the freak off!!!!!


Size 10
AMERICAN ME_ The Wild Adventures Of CoolBeanz

Set List

The Beer song
Go...The Car Bar Song
4 Words
High Notes on G.P.
Smells like teen Spirit (Nirvana)
My Last Love
I.H. Gets Green
Your Song
American Me