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Cool Cee Brown

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If John Lennon were American, black and angry, he would be Cool Cee Brown!


Cool Cee Brown is a native Washingtonian and has been a mainstay on the local hip hop scene for nearly a decade. He got his start performing with the Freestyle Union in the late-nineties alongside hometown favorites like Opus Akoben and Infinite Loop. In 1999, he started his own group, Dirty Water, with friend and producer, Joe D. Together the duo recorded a handful of well-received independent projects. Finally, in 2005, Cool Cee Brown decided to go at it alone with his first solo LP, Sinnerman. Two years later, he released the follow up, Magnificent Bastard. Brown credits a eccelectic cadre of musical influences for his unclassifiable style. Marvin Gaye. The Doors. Michael Jackson. Nirvana. Prince. Scarface. Mos Def. Run DMC. Kool Moe Dee. Sade. His goal is to "create art that will withstand the test of time and contribute something special and positive to the world."


Sinnerman (LP)
Magnificent Bastard (LP)

Set List

30 minute set:
1. (Cover) Shadowboxing
2. In The Kitchen
3. Because
4. (Cover) Gettin Some...
5. Eat My Breakfast Alone
6. Capital Anthem
7. Crown Victoria
8. Love Your Style
9. (Cover) Sweet Dreams