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This reminds me of Paul Simon's phenomenal album Graceland, in a number of ways. The melody conjures up some of the similar sentiments found in his writing from that time (which is some of his best).
Your song is gorgeous and is always interesting, blending flavors of reggae, pop, and smooth jazz. The arrangement is fantastic, and the tempo change in the latter half is a nice touch, and executed in such a wonderful way -- it's not too much, and it's just right!
The drums are right on top, and never feeling like they're doing too little, nor too much. The flavor the congas bring is warm, and a welcome touch for the song.
The production job here is wonderful, and the mix is perfect. Everything here fits, and the performance is lovely. As an ensemble, everyone sounds great together, and the singing is amazing! The lead vocals are passionate and reflective, and the harmonies are beautiful!
This song is fantastic! It's definitely a well crafted, stunning track. Marvelous! - GarageBand - SevenCurses on Roof Top

This song really takes me to another place. A place of 'not a care in the world'! The vocal has a cruisy laid back feel to his voice. I had trouble picking the accent but it didn't get in the way and I could understand the lyrics OK. The chorus is nice and hooky and stays with you after the song has finished. The instrumentation is just right for the song. The harmonies are well sung and all vocals are spot on with the intonation. The drums are well played and set the groove right from the time they enter. Maybe just a tad too loud in the mix but that's a personal thing. The melody is singable and the arrangement makes sense from a pop song stylistic point of view. this could be a hit if marketed correctly, it has that much potential. - GarageBand - SeanTimms on Roof Top

08 Septembre 2007
Mon coup de cœur et une découverte faite au Swiss World Music Festival de Vernier. Je prévoyais de faire seulement la couverture photo du groupe Incognito qui jouait sur la grande scène. Mais par acquis de conscience, je voulais me renseigner sur Jaz Rice qui jouais sur la petite scène. Cet après-midi j'ai surfé sur le site de Jaz Rice pour découvrir ce chanteur et écouter quelques-unes de ses chansons. J'ai été emballé par sa voix qui est magnifique et son style de musique.

Lors de son concert, Jaz Rice a assuré comme un grand, apportant son charisme et sa voix qui est bien présente. D'habitude, quand je prends des photos j'écoute d'une oreille et je n'écoute pas vraiment le concert à 100%, mais ce soir j'ai écouté avec mes deux oreilles et j'ai eu du plaisir.

Michel Bobillier - Tribune de Genève

20 Septembre 2007
Jaz Rice, chanteur genevois, était en concert jeudi soir à l'Adresse à Genève. Accompagné seulement de son musicien, son récital porté par le son de guitares sèches faisait ressortir la sincérité et le vrai de son interprétation.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore Jaz, je vous conseille d'aller sur sa page de mypsace www.myspace.com/jazair où vous pouvez écouter quatres de ses compositions et sur son site web : www.jazair.com

Je vous rappelle que Jaz Rice est sélectionné au John Lennon Songwriting Competition Finals.

Michel Bobillier - Tribune de Genève

...those who just love playing and writing music from those who just want to make money. These artists are clearly the former. So many options: Youssou N'Dour, Paul Simon's "Graceland," that Ry Cooder/ Farka Toure album I heard, I'd be shocked if this artist didn't study them. His "we can change the world"- type lyrics make me believe that we are truly blessed because their are people such as him in the world writing from a place few go anymore - his heart, his spirit, his joie de viv're [sic?]. I feel magic in every instrument and vocal part. If this kind of music was on the radio exclusivley, I'd know there was hope in the corporate world. If there's a God, this artist will be huge. I mean it, dammit. - GarageBand - Telekon, L.A. on Roof Top

The Coolela Project set the tone with a great performance by Jaz Rice and the dynamic Cuban percussionist Enrique. - The Lowvelder

The group, which consists of Geneva-born Jaz Rice and Cuban-born percussionist Enrique, exploded onto the local music scene less than two months ago and have already become hot property with their Latin-world-afro pop sound. - The Lowvelder

A huge surprise was the performance by the only white, and on top of that, local artist Jaz Rice, who was allowed onto the stage in the final stretch of the event - The Lowvelder

bands included our very own Andrew Kay, No Ones Arc and Syncromesh, as well as Coolela Project, Latte Funk and world-renowned Napalma. - The Lowvelder


Roof Top (2006)



Born & raised in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. At age 14 Jaz Rice spends 4 years in Bristol, UK and 1 year in Cardiff, Wales before returning to his home town. In 1994, during a trip to Thailand he starts writing. In 1999 he leaves for Brooklyn, New York, spends 5 years there. The Romanian gypsy blood that, until then lied dormant, awakens. In 2001 he travels to Africa for the first time. He discovers Namibia, from there, his ties with southern Africa will grow tenfold. He collaborates with Namibian artists Ras Sheehama & Ngatu (cf Handfull of Namibians, produced by the FNCC, Alliance Française). His debut album, "Roof Top" is recorded with Namibian & Congolese musicians in 2005. More recently, Jaz has appeared in some of Mpumalanga's biggest events, Innibos 2009 as well as Robert Matana Gumede Birthday & Thanksgiving Music Festival, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it" alongside South African legends, Hugh Masekela, Tsepo Tshola, Rebecca Malope, Americain Keny Latimore and Zimbabwean Oliver Mtukudzi .

It is the passion and fascination for culture and human interaction which has led him to places like New York, Jamaica, Thailand, Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique. This is widely felt in Jaz’s special blend of Afro-Pop, Reggae and Folk.

He is an artist who expresses himself wholeheartedly and reflects his personality in all circumstances. His songs tell a story of human relations and of other everyday concerns. The lyrics are often prose-like and come across in a philosophical manner.

He has performed alongside established artists such as Diana Miranda (Brazil), Youssouph Cissoko (Senegal), Ras Sheehama (Namibia), Ngatu (Namibia), Tony Django (Moz) and Roberto Isaias (Moz). He has also performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and is a regular at Geneva's Summer Festival (2002, '03, '05, '07 et '08).

Currently spreading his message in South Africa, between Mpumalanga and Maputo, he has initiated the Coolela project backed by Omba-Mõ, one of Mozambique's most established and respected band. After the Namibian Shambo get ready to embrace the folk of the Mozambican Marabenta as it weaves itself into the songwriter's life...

JAZ & Coolela will take you on a journey where Pop, Folk, Reggae and Afro-Beat blend together to form a unique style of World Music. The lyrics embody an honesty and diversity that draws the listener into his world. This is an artist whose simplicity and passion transcends onto the stage through his guitar, his voice and his charisma.