New York City, New York, USA

CoolHandBlues is about telling stories and awakening the transcendental spirit of rock and blues.


The brainchild of producer/singer/writer/guitarist Lukas Piekarski, growing up in Australia with Polish roots and now living in NYC for almost a decade, CoolHandBlues takes you on a musical journey through worlds profound, pure, intense and serene, always captivating, and sparking something unique and interesting in the listeners experience.

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, over a 20 month period, the songs from the album, `The RainMaker', are largely poetic meditations on themes ranging from the awe-inspiring forces of nature to self-discovery. Sometimes the stories and lyrical pictures painted by the rich tapestry of words and sounds ARE the message and the theme.

With instrumental contributions from such world-class players as Ivan Katz (drums), Keith Golden (bass), Christian Howes (strings), Kiku Collins (trumpet) and Lois Colin (harp), and mixed by 3-time Grammy award winning engineer Marc Urselli, `The RainMaker' by CoolHandBlues is an album every lover of great original music will want to hear.


Birthday Girl

Written By: Lukas Piekarski

Birthday Girl


She’s the river, I’m a leaf, with my eyes up to heaven,

Got a pair of tangled feet, and a little bit of heartache,

Yeah the full moon’s up tonight, and I know I won’t get lost,

Got to do ya, do ya right, `cause…


You babe are the sky, stretch forever, and beyond,

You light up the sun, clear the weather, when it’s raining.

She’s the postman to my door, she got to deliver,

Been a wildboy to my core, living like a sinner,

Feel the fire let it burn,

Gonna pull me from the well, well…



Been tossed around by the raging sea,

Got two black eyes and a wounded knee,

I stood in the middle and took the bait, but it’s too late.

For days and days I swam for the shore,

The wind did howl and the wind did roar,

It woke me up in the middle of the night, and gave me sight.


The Opium wars

Written By: Lukas Piekarski


I made a little promise that before I die,
I would see the seven wonders and the open sky,
To a thrash`n' impresario in the Hong Kong swoon,
A battle to consume a huge balloon.
I've been living in a sea of pain,
Selling trinkets in the pouring rain,
Oh my sight deceives me if I leave it all behind.

Chorus (E-A-BGE)

I'm the taxman, all the time,
I'm a stranger, out of mind,
I will vanish, can't you see,
Leave you lonesome, in the street.

The river will take me to the Opium Wars,
Drill two holes in the Dragon Walls,
I'll call to my angel to pick me up,
Sweet amen I know you won't give up,
When the flood comes from sea to sea,
The feudal clans say what will be will be,
And nestled in the corner of a broken room,
My pet spider takes back the China Moon.



The apeman will come to steal my soul,
And break the silence of a thousand coals,
When they simmer and spit with a saltwater hit,
And plunge on back to the oceanic core.
Save yourself tonight, forever to sleep on a pillow of light,
I spoke to the spirits and they gave me the word,
Beyond all meaning like the future I heard.


Astro Blaze

Written By: Lukas Piekarski


Touched by the force and it’s forcing me to bring square-jawed rhythm to the third degree,
Slightly-friendly and I care to say, when I’m spat from the tube with no rain-delay,
I got no need, for the soul-bleed, make the breaks in no time at all.

I’m the one to be falling from a tree,
You the one be swaying on the breeze,
We go high above the chaos in the clouds and the atmosphere,
Face to face.

Clip-clap go you with a painted smile and I’m lost till you feed me to the lion’s pride,
Brain-drain pick-up hear me scream, and wake me up when I play the dream,
I got the strangest, heaviest motions, vanish the world with my magic potions,
Heaven be mine tonight.
Who makes the noises keep me up at night,
Who makes the raindrops falling from the sky,
Saw one day the astro blaze,
Come by and touch it, get you lost in the maze.



The Rainmaker

Written By: Lukas Piekarski


Hell must be like traffic lights that never turn you on,
Chase the devil round the park and never let him go,
In a dream I heard a voice speaking on the phone,
Tape me quickly round the moon, I’m sticky and I glow.
I make the rain and I take all your pain,
And wash it away in a stream,
Change into clouds and watch from above,
And fall to the ground in a tear.

In the middle of the sea, just listen and you’ll find,
Underneath the rolling waves, echoes from the falling tides.

I long to be a poster child, I feel it in my bones,
Sign me up and make it quick,
I’m The Rainmaker don’t you know…

Save me

Written By: Lukas Piekarski


(VRS 1)
Went to bed one evening down on my knees, asked the Lord above won’t you save me,
Had a dream that night I was up in the trees, talking to the birds, won’t you save me…
Save Me
(VRS 2)
Oh can’t tell that I’m just a poor boy, Oh Lord won’t you save me,
I’ve been down the mudslide and all in between, I’m ready to be cleaned won’t you save…
(VRS 1 + VRS 2)

Jack Fever

Written By: Lukas Piekarski


(VRS 1)
Jack Fever come strike me down I want my own parade,
Fool’s gold and the black sky, she got the pretty rain,
Stop play in the olive grove I see a weather balloon, approaching on the red horizon,
Who knows when the end is near, I got my shit ready, forget it in a cold sweat.
You got me locked in a cave, don’t let me, forget me,
You wanna live on the edge, early tomorrow say goodbye to sorrow.
(VRS 2)
I got a letter from Forbes alright, I got a ticket to ride,
A sad paper with the ink bereaved and we’ll cry a little bit yeah,
Drive down to the Mesa Grill, and slow-dance with the devil in a jumpsuit,
She came back down the naked hill, impress you with her big personality.
(CH) (VRS 3)
I got a phone-line straight to heaven and I never hang it up,
Bless your heart and swim with angels, they want you bad,
And rip you in the atmosphere.
(CH) (BR)
Now I hold my head up from the ground, see a bright explosion with no sound,
Oh I watch a little and I take a little for myself.
I’m almost all alone, you told me you were going, to find a cure, that never was,
I’ll cry and smash my bones, and sleep upon a stone, and wait for my soul to wake me,
I know I got it, you know I got it, I know I got it,
I got the fever, crawling up and down my spine…


The Rainmaker, to be released in 2010!

Set List

A typical set runs about 35-45 mins, playing 6-8 songs.

We are currently playing songs from our new album `The RainMaker'. Mainly an electric trio set with a couple of acoustic songs in the middle.