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2005 - CD - CITY.COM, music soundtrack
2006 - CD - SUNSHINE, album
2006 - CD - SUNSHINE special edition, album
2007 - CD - All I Want
2007 - Co-Op CD - RADIO NOW VOL.6
2007 - DVD - Visual Arts by CoolHunter
2007 - Co-Op CD - RADIO HITS Vol. 1



Our history started somewhere in the past around 1998, as the main author of our recent music, SLAVO BACHRATY started his underground and very alternative project ENEMENCY somewhere in Bratislava – the head city of Slovakia.

He used the most weird sounds and even more weird lyrics to create a unique and poisonous drug against the CONFORMITY in writing and EASY LISTENING in music.

His music followed the message of the brave in heart, such as NICK CAVE or EINSTURZENTE NEUEBAUTEN to bring the listeners only two possible sense experiences – instant sensual intercourse OR constant mental pain.

In the same time, he developed his talents as a visual artist and collected prizes around the Europe with his short films as an unconventional filmmaker.

It was in that time, as he probably felt, that he might need some more spices into his work to enlighten his dark morbid atmosphere in his art.

And then I came – Peter Kotus - from the very EAST of the Slovakia to the WEST, as a true rock musician in my heart!

Happily, I got more influences, before we actually met.

After I get acknowledged with the music scene in the head city of Sovakia and played with several bands, I took lessons in guitar from one of the best guitar players in our country - Vadim Busovsky.

He taught me a lot. And the main thing was, that “I should learn as much as it gets and then – forget about it all!”. And that’s what I did!

I got influenced by the latino music, funky and most of all, the ever present POP in a wide range with artists like DEPECHE MODE, DURAN DURAN or U2.

As we met at the shooting of one of his movies, (me playing a gangster to die very soon! Is it a matter of chance?) we found a common base in art, such as movie making and music.

And that’s where the COOLHUNTER idea started.

In 2005, we started the creation of the first songs and in 2006, we had our first live show under the new name COOLHUNTER.

Our main idea is to make songs with a POWERFUL LYRICS that move, with a MUSIC WITHOUT ANY OBSTACLES and VISUAL ART MAKING in all the images, layouts and most of all the lives shows to create an UNIQUE CROSSOVER ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE which truly brings the spectator in another dimension.