Cool Inc.

Cool Inc.


Cool Inc. is a hip quartet creating music that is based in jazz but with an contemporary ambient sound. Touching on jazz, latin, funk, bossa nova and groove genres, Cool Inc. keeps the vibe relaxed and the sounds mellow. When required they morph easily into a jazz trio reminiscent of Harry Connick.


Cool Inc. is formed with a group of Toronto based-musicians. Central to the group are Logan Medland on keyboards and Jason Chesworth on guitar. Medland has a vast wealth of experience as a musician and music leader, having worked for nine years at the Shaw Festival as Associate Music Director, and also as Music Director/Arranger for the highly acclaimed musical Chet Baker Project.
He has toured nationally with his own jazz trio and is the writer and performer of the hit musical "Fingers and Toes" which has played in over a dozen theatres in Ontario.

Jason Chesworth: singer/songwriter, actor, and consumate guitarist. Jason's musical background is in jazz/blues and pop and he brings a multitude of
experience to the table both as a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. The leader of the Toronto Band "The Pocket Co.", subject of a recent Awake
Productions documentary, Jason has also been an highly successful actor, and has performed in theatres across Canada, including five seasons at the Shaw Festival.

Mike Meusel: One of the city's fine young bass players, Mike performs and records in a variety of projects across Toronto and the GTA.

Graydon James: Exceptionally versatile, Graydon is at home in a handful of different bands, music projects and genres.

Carolyne Maraghi: Carolyne Maraghi has been playing trumpet and flugelhorn for over ten years. She has performed with a several bands across Canada, the United States of America and Asia, including SEVEN (led by Henri Brown, cousin of Jimi Hendrix), Personal Funk Device (with whom she released the CD ‘One On Board’), the Vancouver All-Star Salsa Band, the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, and her own JAZZ TRIO. Also an actress, Carolyne has performed on stage, in film and television. She has appeared in shows such as 'Dark Angel' and 'Music From the Heart'.


Logan Medland: "Something in Blue" (2004)
Jason Chesworth: "Presenting..." (2004)
Mike Meusel: "Presenting..." (2004)
Graydon James: "Wonderful in the Afternoon" (2003), "Try to Play Nice" (2002)
Carolyne Maraghi: "One On Board" (2002)

Set List

Smooth Jazz
Bossa Novas
Ambient Groove
Jazz Standards

Cool Inc. is capable of performing in several genres. A typical evening is 4 hours with 3 sets. Anything can be provided dependant on the clients wishes.

An urban scene vis a vis, St. Germaine and Miles Davis can set the scene for the hippest of all cocktail parties.

A more laid back standard approach, in the style of Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. is the perfect touch for weddings and corporate functions.