Cool Mood

Cool Mood


Layed back Swingin Bluesy soul ,with a percussive elimat that would impress even the finest percussionists in the world. We have C D s on sale at artist


We are infuenced by the most soulful city in the world besides New Orleans. Detroit is a mecca of talent . and growing up here, you cant help but hear and experiance the soul. liston to one of our songs and you will feel a taste of Detroit.


1963 was my first 45 single. I was 13 years old.It was called drum boogie. The album Tropicool was done in 1987. And Good times and bad was done in1997. wwoz 90.7 Fm in New Orleans is the only radio station I sent tropicool to and they said they love it .

Set List

We usually play 45 to 50 minute sets. Some Jazz standards , some blues, some originals. We have percussion soloes in Latin tunes. may be one a set.