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"All in a Day's Work"

Sunday, July 08, 2007
Local Band Review: Cool Runnings
The reggae scene is still quite scant around Colorado Springs, but this band - among a few others - does represent. Composed of seven members, including a college professor, these guys and lady just love music, and it shows when they hit the stage. They create a relaxed atmosphere that releases people to hit the dance floor - something that's hard to come by with other good local bands. Most (not all) gigs I've attended around town depict bands as showoffs and band members as unapproachable. I hate that attitude with a passion - myself being a musician. Cool Runnings is degrees better than most, and yet humble and human. I spoke to some band members and their friends - cool people.
It may be that I found the band to be excellent because reggae is my primary genre of music and I love it with one heart. They play covers well (no shortcuts, no pretense) and have good originals. They sound authentic and full, and everybody plays their space well. For a live band, I couldn't find anything wrong with this band. They are among the top 5 reggae/ska bands I've heard in town.
Along with friends (Matt, Hisae, Zach, Kristi, Dev, Ken, and Pratheep), we caught up with this band at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou Springs. They've improved at selecting good bands, but beware: though they don't normally charge a cover fee for the bands, drinks and amenities are sold at a slightly inflated price on nights when bands play (Fridays and Saturdays). But it's well worth it. Cool Runnings plays there once a month, I hear. Besides, Manitou Springs is a great place to troll around and "be a tourist" at.
The other exciting thing about this band is the possibility of networking with other musicians. I learned (from their sound guy) of a plan to create a website/database of musicians in the Colorado Springs area, complete with availability, styles, and prices (if any) to help the cause of music in this area. You know what I did - gave them my business card. I could do two things for them: play music or build their website.

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EP 'Conscious Science' on Rastadamus Records



Rastadamus Records recording artists Cool Runnings' approach to reggae is a little different than most American reggae bands - they start with the vocal harmony; the vocals drive the songs. As a result their style is a roots reggae reminiscent of the golden age of Jamaican reggae - Bob Marley, Culture, Aswad, The Gladiators, the Itals, the Meditations. Veterns of numerous regional and national reggae acts, the players resurrected their band after a 14 year haitus. Cool Runnings officially started in Colorado Springs in 1991, on the very day of the start of the First Gulf War. Observant readers will note this was before the Disney movie of the same name debuted. As Gulf wars repeat themselves, so does music, apparently, whereas the warmongers don't learn from the past at least the muscians do. Give thanks and praises.

Some notes about the audio samples:

Pace Yourself: Music by Cool Runnings, lyrics by Keith McClease. The music was improvised by the band at a single session, and Keith went home and wrote lyrics the next day. And yes, they are semi-autobiographical...

Thrill: Immediately recognizable (as soon as the vocals begin) blues tune with a reggae twist. Both Keith and Lisa killed the vocal so both had to be included on the final mix.

Conscious Science: Improvised dub, originally 12 minutes, cut down to 5 for upload purposes. Man we had fun with this one! Some of the best parts are left off but are on the EP. When Keith came in with the "Conscious Man" rap we all fell off our chairs! Mystery percussion - free EPs if you can guess what instrument that is...