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Coop is a new age hip hop artists from Atlanta GA and is ready to take the scene over by storm with his fierce flow and his banging beats listen to his music and you will know what we are talking about

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Written By: Coop

      Too many people ask me when am I gone get back on?   
      And them same few get no reply leave a message at da tone?   
      Leave a message in my songs like I been planin all along and?      you was plannin to decipher intention spands don't spread?      that long?   
      Stay a couple islands away?   
      Won't catch me on yo phone ?   
      Dats a couple miles a day?   
      GPS wont get you to where I'm goin?   
      But know that it's not your fault,?   
      I was just born spittin ?   
      Dont act surprised dat he kept on spittin?   
      From yeh high dome been insane caint really tell whats wrong?      wit him?   
      Strong venom in him?   
      Take samples da way im killin ?   
      Feelin like he prolly got bout 35 good years in em?   
      Stack about 35 years in denim?   
      Fillen myself like I ain't got women?   
      Born in a world dat ain't got no time to recite yo lies of?      winnin when really dey better off stayin independent?   
      Team losin controle, like dere ain't no duracel in em?   
      Promise to god if I get my shine, ?   
      aint gone be no more ramen dinners?   
      Ain't gone be no more can I please?   
      Everything I see gone be mine gimme?   
      Dats just the type of person I be?   
      You can't understand my nigga just feel me?   
      Playin out models and buyin dese bottles ?   
      I can not seem to myself?   
      My Aston retarded my money be ballin?   
      Chain so damn heavy my neck need help?   
      Dey tellin me I can't take it when I go ?   
      But dese clones don't give a fuck?   
      Coo bury dem in gold?   
      Dats R.I.P?    ?
      Feel dat?   
      Notice how he give dat feel back ?   
      To real rap?   
      Ceramic verses vs ryu try who I'm shyroken't?   
      Deadly pollutant, wit the heart of a soldier?   
      I might not make it homie?   
      Armed wit bars dey Klondike?   
      Imagine the things youde do for one bite only?   
      It might be da best night of yo life?   
      Can't lose dis moment, the part dey call Success don't come?      in one night?   
      Most people don't see dat once in dey life?   
      Da hell you expect me to just stand by?   
      And watch while they kill dis?   
      Shit you know how long I been waitin on dis?   
      So damn tied hearin bout yo toilet?   
      Too far gone

      Bones never thrown in my direction       ?   
      Hungrey every night like he homeless?   
      Just don't know how close I been?   
      But no cigar, hol up what?   
      To the store we go then ?   
      Hope its open?   
      Business caint get done until we finish ?   
      Rollin round dat part?   
      We play, when the curtains open?   
      Imma play my part ?   
      And better receive applause?   
      Standing oy vey tion. you know dat?   
      Please excuse my German?   
      I am certain about two things ?   
      Imma see the world and da world gone love dis?   
      Dats my word put nothin above it?   
      Been ready gone take em out da oven?   
      Too McFly wit da rhymes I hover ?   
      Lookin down on clouds I spit it flooded?   
      Tears for dem towers ?   
      My condolence ?   
      I hope my niggas stay floated?   
      I spoke dem prays through cloudy air ?   
      Meanwhile gotta keep my focuse?   
      I need dat promotion?   
      Hold ball dey callin encroachment?   
      Dis shit dont need no coachin ?   
      Fuck an oppent dats how to approach shit?   
      One finger to dem clown ass niggas ?   
      And anybody dumb enough to bump heads wit em?   
      One moe to the world don't fall?   
      Keep breathin?   
      See the reason why my shit still beatin ?   
      Got dem feignin for my work you'de think i'm trappin on da?      low?   
      Take it home you will get blown?   
      And if I did you'de never know?   
      Steady countin all my blessings?   
      A couple things I speak alone?   
      My nigga said take this shit then run wit it?   
      Just do it is all I know?   
      Showtime, don't blow it?   
      I can't, Michael told me I'm bad I'm bad I know it?   
      And its sad dat you thought that kid was mine ?   
      Only seeds I plant got roots in lines ?   
      In time they'll begin growing?   
      Understand what I been knowing ?   
      Don't be mad I keep to myself?   
      And plus I'm good Ion't need no help ?   
      Imma keep on?    ?

Only One

Written By: Coop

      First off ?   
      Lemme say I appreciate you dumbin rockin wit da kid?   
      Da kid ?   
      Lawrenceville tryna keep me traped ?   
      No more locked doors gotta bust dat lid?   
      And now I'm here ?   
      I'm here ?   
      Never had no luck excrete no fuck ?   
      Just persevere and live?   
      Word of mouth gone get me round yo city on horses Paul Revere?   
      Could it be his ?   
      effortless composure or da ethic dat he workin wit da gain?      him some exposure?   
      I mean cuz personally I feel I caint come any closer ?   
      So it appears I ain't doin what I'm suppose to?   
      Exhale for closure?   
      I'm just tryna replace Jordan on that poster?   
      Focused in the booth ?   
      Iller den Kareem when he be postin?   
      In a room full of boastin im da nigga dat you notice?   
      Low key in the corner ?   
      6 rings on my coaster when I wrote dis?   
      It's keeps me open?   
      Feel da breeze ?   
      I ain't gone disrespect nobody by sayin dis shit come easily?   
      But please ?   
      Back when hip hop told you drop down to ya knees ?   
      Loretta gave birth to another king?   
      And hear I stand?    ?
      CH?    ?I'm da only?      body dats gone do it
      Mama said you ain't the only nigga goin?      through it ?   
      Got me thinkin?   
      Even if I win I could be blown away at any moment?   
      How many would show condolence?   
      I'm guessin just da few niggas I came wit?   
      Them and da chick dey currently layin wit?   
      And if dey postpone den imma be da only one ?   
      But this feelin so well known?   
      I call it gettin on ?    ?
      Damaged from barely able to manage ?   
      Thinkin its normal to constantly see da back of dat?      pantry ?   
      I'm feigning?   
      Walked a mile to cop me some nicotine?   
      Cuz I know what it mean when buddy don't pick up on the?      second ring?   
      Forced to get up outchere and do my thing a lil bit?   
      Try to refrain from tradin my name in for 6 digits?   
      Pay attention when you quick rich livin?   
      Feel like ?   
      If I fuck up now nobody gone see da diference?   
      So peep the persistence?   
      Writtens crazy?   
      No need for any assistance?   
      Teams on a mission ?   
      Acquire executive positions ?   
      Made a blueprint in my homie basement ?   
      Fuckin up pavement ?   
      Footprints in all locations ?   
      Pedestrians gone need some savin?   
      What am I to do?   
      When that man and the villain got da same faces?   
      Switchin places, in the lead den im chasin?   
      I guess you better call somebody?   
      Kickin it with da cuzo Tyrone and both phones on silent?   
      Non violent non violent don't seem to resignate when u?      hungrey?   
      Keep a pack throw away dinner plates on me?   
      Silver spoons are not included?   
      And dis shit ain't no single just sumen exclusive?   
      Completely understand the confusion?   
      AT alien I come in piece?   
      Or while you sleepin?   
      I'm think bout how much I missed out on dis week?   
      Slowly gettin closer to deep end?   
      Hold my breath close my eyes and pray  ?   
      I'm dreaming?   
      Realized I'm not?    ?
      Realized I'm not?   
      Then started breathin?   
      If he on my side why can't he show me any reason?   
      For never fallin ?   
      Fuck dis shit I'm leavin?   
      You gone see?   
      Never been one for cimplainin but damn what about me?   
      What about me?    ?