Cooper Black

Cooper Black


Cooper Black are a hybrid of Americana and Classic Pop Songwriting. Songs crafted with harmonica's, acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel's, banjo's and hammond organs, yet all the while influenced by the gritty sounds of old school breakbeats and motown grooves.


Being branded "Stereolab meets Hank Williams" can't be a bad thing.And actually not too far
from the truth either. From the dreamy pedal steel of "Velvet Lies", to the banjo jangle of
"The Road Up, The Road Down" to their twangy take on Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines", Cooper Black seem set to redefine the tired constraints of "Alt-Country" through their original approach to songs. 
Frankly, when is the  last time you tapped your feet to beatbox banjo soul? When Kraftwerk
opened a franchise in Nashville maybe?


E.P.1, Indie Release

Set List

Set List Varies / gig. Typically 45 minutes and includes a cover of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's "White Lines"