Cooper Street

Cooper Street


Alt-Country Rock. Originals and Somewhat Obscure Covers.


Cooper Street is an alt-country rock band based in Santa Cruz, California. They are inspired by the unique and haunting sounds of bands such has Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Counting Crows, and The Wallflowers, yet they have their own unique flavor of thoughtful lyrics and well-crafted melodies. Whether playing edgy rock or moving ballads, the band’s inspired energy is evident on their records and live performances.

Singer-songwriter Peter Goodman displays a lyrical and melodic maturity seldom heard in today's popular music. His alternative, rock-solid songwriting is refreshing and provocative and reveals unexpected depth. Over the years, his music has been well-received in various local community performances such as First Night Santa Cruz.

Peter's melodies are accentuated by the electric guitar work of Kevin Drinkard. Kevin uses an expressive finger style technique, inspired by musicians such as Pierre Bensusan and Martin Simpson, to weave counter melody, lead, and occasional power-chord progressions throughout the performance.

The band's rhythm section is Dan Green on drums and Blake Cooper on bass. Dan draws on his extensive knowledge of independent music and his years behind the drums to drive the band along. He has a solid, yet playful approach to drumming. Blake locks in on the five-string bass, drawing on his own influences, which range from Jack Cassidy to Christian McBride.

When not playing great music, Peter designs software, Kevin currently supports new teachers after 13 years of teaching at Santa Cruz High, Dan works in sales and marketing, and Blake designs communications headsets. From these diverse backgrounds, these Santa Cruz residents create the multi-faceted musical entity that is Cooper Street.



Written By: Peter Goodman

The sun is shining brightly
Over at your house today
But at my house it is lonely
And everything is grey
It seems a bit unfair how
The story changes everyday
What the rumors have not told me
Your face just gives away
And it's hard when the money's low
It's hard to know the things I know
Easy winds seldom blow
Around here
That baby’s got a fever
And her cries are loud and strong
This happens every winter
When the nights start getting long
I should have been there on Sunday
There was really nothing wrong
But I'm a hundred miles from nowhere
I guess that's where I belong
That's a beauty of a tattoo
Troublemaker on your skin
What you really wanted for your birthday
Was a brand new way of thinking
I've got to get off of this freeway
`cuz all the cars are all on a binge
I'm just trying to say I'm sorry
For the stupid way I've been

Applewood Candle

Written By: Peter Goodman

I had a dream
We lived so far away
None of our friends could even find us
We worked the farm everyday
Sometimes late at night
We'd head out to the old red barn
We'd listen to the sleepy horses breathing
Toss the calico a ball of yarn
It's getting kinda late
How 'bout a kiss?
I'm thinking its bedtime
In the softest room
I'll light the applewood candle
I wanna go soon, soon, soon
So get me my hammer
Bring me some nails and wood
I'll try to build a house that we can live in
I think that would be good
It might be sorta small
But it would be our own
We could sit on the porch in our old rockers
And watch that sun go down
I've been thinking I can see the earth spinning `round
I can sense the years winding down
I can feel my heart and where it's bound
Where it's bound
I can feel where I'm bound
But if you have to lie
'Cuz you've done something wrong
Write it all down in a sad letter
I'll find when you're dead and gone
I'll do the same
But we should never read that shit
Just toss it in my grave while no one's looking
And let the earth cover it

Tear It Up

Written By: Peter Goodman

Mama's in the kitchen and
Father's in his bedroom and
We are in the basement
Playing rock 'n roll
Danny's got a Marshall and
Even though he's blind he can
Shred his strat-o-caster and
Never miss a note
Oh come on
They like me `cuz my hair is long
And I've got a Fender bass
Now Danny's got a brand new song
He really wants to play
Tear it up
I love that last line you played
I'm gonna sing it every day
From now on
We were children
The only need we had was love
We were what we would be
In just that moment of time
In just that moment of time
Now I play acoustic
But I still miss the jams
Our old band would always have
When our friends would come around
There was always music
The girls would start to sing along
Now Danny has a brand new song
He really wants to play


"Deny the Accident" 2006
"Newlin House" 2003

Set List

Tear It Up
Something You Ain't Got
Applewood Candle
This House Is Not For Sale
Hot Soup
Nigh Night Baby
Salt Pepper Pie
Starting to Hurt
Take Me Down to the Infirmary
So Happy Birthday
I'll Be True
Goddamn Lonely Love
Movie Star
I'll Be A Star
Let's Go For A Ride
Ordinary Problem
Everything's Gonna Be Fine
Summer Fades Away
Magnolia Mountian
Guard This Love
Handshake Drugs
Dear John
Pink Cadillac
Bad Attitude
Let It Ride
Give Back the Key to my Heart
Three Marlenas
Newlin House
Come Pick Me Up
Keep Me In Mind
6th Avenue Heartache
Goodnight Elizabeth
Back Into Your World
Oh My Sweet Carolina
If You Come By
Zoe's Ring
Dance All Night
One Question
Wild Horses
Red House
Not Fade Away
Back Into Your World
Passenger Side