Cooper Tisdale

Cooper Tisdale


Rock/Jazz Guitarist Cooper Tisdale steps out as bandleader of a fine collection of Atlanta-area players. If original melodies, jaw-dropping musicianship, and a powerful performance peak your musical curiosity, then CT & Friends will definitely deliver a stellar show for your venue or festival.


Cooper Tisdale: [Fusion Jazz / Progressive Rock]

Influenced by the guitar greats Jeff Beck and Alan Holdsworth, and with comparisons to Steve Morse, Joe Satriana and Eric Johnson, Cooper Tisdale is joined by some of Atlanta’s best to deliver stellar sets of rock/jazz fusion. Performing dozens of original compositions, their inspired live dates jam with classic instrumental Tisdale tunes including “Lake Acid” and “Toe Truck”, offer mellow heartfelt vocal rock ballads including “Fireman Bill” and “Bad Judge”, and serve up contemporary jazz grooves including “E.J.” and “Good Friend”. After booking Cooper Tisdale & Friends, we think you’ll join his many fans as loyal listeners – this guy can really play!

Atlanta Festivals (partial)
- Atlanta Jazz Festival
- Atlanta Dogwood Festival
- Montreux Jazz Festival Atlanta
- Music Midtown

Atlanta Venues (partial)
- Smith’s Olde Bar
- Variety Playhouse
- The Roxy
- Center Stage
- Star Bar
- Jake’s Toadhouse
- Club 29

After studying at California's Guitar Institute of Technology, Cooper Tisdale returned to Georgia to begin his music career, playing everything from rock to jazz and funk. Cooper has performed at Radio City Music Hall with the Indigo Girls and Carnegie Hall with Kristen Hall; plus has opened shows for Chet Atkins, Steve Morse, REO Speedwagon, 311, Grover Washington, Jr., and Spyro Gyra. Cooper Tisdale has released two independent CDs, Face Up and Up From Down, on Under the Hill Records, and his latest release, Cooper Tisdale & Friends Live in Atlanta is available on Jammates Records.


Fireman Bill

Written By: Cooper Tisdale

Runnin' down the avenue wondering what we will see
Things been crazy lately but crazy don't describe this scene
Holding on & on & on Holding on & on & on
Chargin' down the avenue wondering what it will be

Seen lots lot of things but seeing lots of things ain't this
Things 'round here are different never ever seen such a mess
Holding on & on & on Holding on & on & on
Things 'round here are different things only a few could have wished

We got to go on downtown now baby, got to go on downtown now
May not make from downtown baby, tell junior "be good", "we'll be good"

Holding on & on & on Holding on & on & on
We got to hold on baby, help these people see what to do

It goes on & on & on It goes on & on Holdin' on & on & on
I assure you baby, fix this mess I'll be back to you
Back to you but ya gotta hold on


Under the Hill Records
- Face Up (1992)
- Up From Down (1998)

Jammates Records
-Cooper Tisdale & Friends Live in Atlanta (2006).

The CD is in stock at national boutique retailers including AbstractLogix (best seller Nov/Dec 2006), GuitarNine and HittinTheNote. It was the #1 (most downloaded) new fusion CD on eMusic for November 2006. During December 2006 and Q1 2007, the CT & Friends Live in Atlanta is being promoted to 2500 jazz and rock radio stations domestically and internationally by Toronto-based RadioDirectX.

Set List

Toe Truck
Fireman Bill
Doo Dad
Lake Acid
Bad Judge
Now Be Nice
Good Friend
Sue's Cue
Keepin' On

Sets can vary in length & number. Typically a set lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Depending on the gig, some covers can be included but the primary focus is original music. Covers can range from Thelonious Monk to the Beatles.