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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Club Comments"

"I was more than impressed with their live performance. While they appeared to be a quality independent act online, they delivered beyond my wildest expectation. It would truly be an honor to work with Copa again".

Adam Edelstein
Curb Cafe Event Manager


"Real f%#$'d a good way."
Mike Grimes
The Basement
- ..around town...


Indulde 'The Copa Club', a soon to be released live recording composed of songs from the following:

Magnus Copa--2006

Copa was formed in 2002 from the ashes of the late Rory Patrick Paisley (search iTunes). Prior band creations starring members of Copa include: Human Resource Foundation (1997-98), Kill Devil Hills (1998-2001), Knifefight (2002-2006), Rory Patrick Paisley (1999-2001), Ben Davis Project (2001-current).



Uncork the mystery of Copa's Gospel Cigar Rock by enjoying their shockingly eclectic triple release: The Copa Canon-downloadable at The Copa Canon is composed of the raw, 2-inch analogue 'Hotlights' album, the space and earth-rock adventure 'Magnus Copa', and the Bowie-inspired dance offering 'Discografiti'. The three albums collectively define Gospel Cigar Rock in all of its smoky, atmospheric luster. Consider the Police on a Pink Floyd-style musical adventure to the dark side of Dick Dale, or Coldplay with bout of the Zooropas after spinning too quickly to Bowie's "Let's Dance." Fans of Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, Zeppelin, Muse, and the like may come to savor the Gospel Cigar. Truly, Copa music is best enjoyed by a mindful listener who is ready to enjoy the rich palette of influences who's music is woven within.

Without a doubt, the best way to draw upon a Gospel Cigar is by enjoying one live. Copa's live shows are reputed to be unforgettable and enjoyable. It is not only a rawk show, but a place for ideas to be enjoyed where an audience has a chance to engage the music on an extraordinarily deep level. Copa patrons enjoy free mustaches, info bulletins (ala a church service) with printed song commentary, and a triple guitar, bass, drum, and multi-vocal onslaught of Copa music. Money at a a Copa show is well-spent, and will be an antidote to the shoe-gazing emo-rock, violence-tinged adolescent metal, and unsalted power pop that floods the contemporary music market.