New York City, New York, USA
BandSpoken WordRock

The solo concert of Copernicus will be a very powerful acting out and expounding of the lyrics of his new album, 'disappearance'. With the use of mobile wireless microphone, he will take full charge not only of the stage but of the audience. Solo act backed by the prerecorded music and effects.

Band Press

Harrowing journeys of beat poetry and psychedelic/jazz improvisation into the irreducible atomic. – Dave Connolly, PROGROGRAPHY

"Harrowing journeys of beat poetry and psychedelic/jazz improvisation into the irreducible atomic. Copernicus (born Joseph Smalkowski) stands at the cosmic podium, the bellows of nihilism heaving in his chest, and for sixty some-odd minutes everything we thought we knew about the universe is incinerated. Recommended to sonic adventurers who enjoyed sailing with Captain Beefheart and The Red Krayola."

Supreme vocal ranting! – Dick Metclaff, ROTCOD ZZAJ

"...supreme vocal ranting!...If you're a hardcore jazzoid with no tolerance for anything "different", you'll shut this down after the first few bars, but if you prefer true adventure in your musical experiences, this is the ticket. I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, & tell you that if you're IN to spoken word - you've GOT to have this one!"

...a unique listening experience and possibly a work of genius. Or madness – Jez Rowden, ZUNDAPP MUSIC REVIEWS

"There isn’t much else I can say about "disappearance" except that it is a unique listening experience and possibly a work of genius. Or madness."

Compelling, mind-bending – Glenn Astarita, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"A compelling and altogether mind-bending voyage it is."

Spectacular album! – Floyd Bledsoe, PROGRESSIVE EARS

"...quite a spectacular album that traverses many different musical landscapes."

Five cudos, 4 gold stars – Bill Shepard, BILLY'S BUNKER

"As an exploration of physics and the nature of the self, this performance is as practical as a spelling bee conducted by email. As an exploration of mankind in the throws of a doctrine trying to find a self, it's first rate entertainment I can dance to. I give it a twelve, with five kudos carrying four gold stars."

Copernicus demands attention – Matt Howarth, SONIC CURIOSITY

"Wordplay is the keynote here, as Copernicus weaves wisdom for the modern man, comparing society's decay to particle physics. His wordage flows with an appealing cohesion, delivering jarring concepts in liquid vocabulary. His voice, rich with a gravely timbre, demands attention."

the E-ticket to the center of the cerebellum – Marc C. Tucker, FAME (FOLK & ACOUSTIC MUSIC EXCHANGE)

"Copernicus has transmorphed more than once on his constantly exploding centrifugal axis. One of the true examples of artistic anarchy around, he managed to record LPs and CDs; gain a cult following; tour Europe, America, and Russia; issue videos of electrifying performances; and write a book that's a fascinating companion to Ken Wilbur, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Chogyam Trungpa, G.I. Gurdjieff, and the more abstract reality cartographers. When I peruse that volume, Immediate Eternity, I'm reminded of The Mumonkan, I am That, A Brief History of Everything, the whole schmear of bewildering spiritual bitmapping. When I listen to the music, it's as if the Doors never crashed and burned but locked into their own most psychedelic essences and decided the Living Theater, with whom Copernicus has been associated, was the E-ticket to the center of the cerebellum."

Copernicus can still rattle cages like no one else – Gary Flanagan, NIGHT WAVES

"After treating us to his wonderfully challenging music for over twenty-five years, it's fascinating to see that Copernicus is still as daring as ever. Make no mistake, "disappearance" proves that Copernicus can still rattle cages like no one else.

An eye opener! Masterpiece! – Harry de Vriers, PROGLOG AFTERGLOW (Holland)

“An eye opener! Masterpiece!”