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"Witty and Fresh"

"Copesetic have an experimental nature and because they have mixed genres of rock and pop into their music it is apparent that they enjoy breaking barriers. Each member of the band brings a distinct and unique sound that creates both the mellow and energetic feel of their songs... The band adds to their originality with their frank and amusing lyrics. Tracks such as 'Frog Hop' use witty metaphors that are both fresh and provocative. These down to earth guys want to hit their audience with reality in their honest words and creativity by not conforming and branching away from cliche sounds." - East Coast Rocker

"Everything's Copesetic at the Conduit tonight"

"The band's... influences range from The Beatles to Pat Metheny. The resulting sound draws in equal measure from traditions of rock, jazz and blues in a way that is as organic as it is unconventional. Copesetic's self-titled debut EP includes Henry Prol's 'My Old Soul' which sounds like a cross between Blind Melon and Pink Floyd. The tune is becoming the band's signature song." - Courier News NJ


Copesetic EP - Demo
Lost Keys EP



"The band adds to their originality with their frank and amusing lyrics." - East Coast Rocker

" is apparent that they enjoy breaking barriers." - East Coast Rocker

"Copesetic is definitely a band you should watch out for in the future" - The Beacon Weekly

"...this ambitious group has a distinct flavor that true music lovers are sure to enjoy." - Upstage

Copesetic's music, like life, can be a lot to digest. Whether it's making whoopee, speaking out for frogs, trees, peace, love, or gin and tonic, they deliver a full-course meal of wholesome folk rock. The band's four members (brothers Matt and Henry Prol, Jason Van Dyke, and Michael Durek) began as a small fetus of rock playing basement shows during their formative years in college. But time passed, and the child grew, burgeoning with the release of the group's first self-released work - The Keys EP. The young men set their sights on New York City and its surroundings, and have since played venues such as The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, The Red Lion, The Pussycat Lounge, The Whiskey Bar in Hoboken, and others. But in a never-ending quest to make their music accurately reflect the sound of their mother's voice in the womb, Copesetic has placed new emphasis on the pure sound of three-part vocal harmony, the simple beauty of the acoustic guitar, the confounding uniqueness of the modern synthesizer, and the relentless upbeat rat-a-tat of the cajon. Check out the Crosby, Stills, & Nash-style three-part vocal harmonies, the George Harrison-like existentialism, and the whimsical lyricism of John Prine or Devendra Banhart. The group hopes to reach listeners with their energetic live show that is truly a celebration of the human experience. Grab a fork, turn your ears on, and dig in!

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