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Underground Hit - "So Hood" Remix - Cope feat Russ
"Who's Really Reppin It" feat. China E
"Man Like Me" Cope promo
"My Brother's Keeper" Cope & Russ promo



Copaesthetic has hit the scene with his cocky flow, too cool persona, and real life narratives. Cope believes that his laid back, subtle approach coupled with the “in your face” precision of Russ provides the perfect blend & sound to revive and excite fans and bring a new level of Class to the game.

Growing up in both Prince George’s County, Maryland, the wealthiest per capita Black Community in America, and also in the inner city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana gave Cope his pervasive views on politics and life. Cope elaborates, “Growing up seeing some of the same despair, degradation, and depression in the suburban community and in the inner city, let me know early in my childhood that the system is geared for us [blacks] to fail whether you come from poverty or not.

"I see it as a self fulfilling prophesy; American culture depicts blacks, especially black males as lazy, violent, untrustworthy thugs and petty thieves”. Cope adds, “As a result even ‘middle class’ black youths begin to think of themselves in that manner so you end up with kids stepping out of their parents’ million dollar home and going to jail for selling nickel bags. They allow us to fight over the small stuff while they negotiate major deals”.

In the current realm of materialism, bling, and shootemup raps, Cope provides a compelling blend of style, brass, class, and street knowledge. When asked to describe his own rap style, Cope explains, “Cope enjoys wordplay so that’s always in the flow, but more importantly are the life lessons weaved in the verses”. When asked to comment on Cope’s style, Russ says, “Of course I can listen to Cope all the time, but the thing that impress me the most is, Cope has a precision flow. He also takes the metaphor game to a different level. Sometimes you have to listen closely to make sure nothing didn’t go over your head. When you think you have heard them all, you can be listening and boom there is another one. The thing is with C, if you as a listener are not up on your vocabulary, current affairs, and/or don’t have a keen ear, your ass is short, your lost.”