Refreshingly new. Described as a psychedelic art alternative rock band. Its basically all about the, tone, the sound, the music. We are simply Copius


I guess you could say it all started with Dave and Chris met in a band they had called York. Chris was drummer and Dave was guitarist. They broke up because other members moved away. Dave and Chris kept in touch ,wrote and played a few shows as a two piece both playing guitars. Through a mutual friend Adrian joined the band as the drummer. Followed by Jimmy, as to close the circle for quality sound.
The band quickly realized they had something special once they started playing together. Our main influence is said to be pink floyd, ledzepplin, radiohead...and there's a few others....but the fact is that it's not really comparible, it's just phycadellic....
We simply strive for originality, and quality.


Twilight EP 2004

Set List

All originals, our set list is in a constant shuffle, we can play for 30min or we can play for a hour and a half. We have around 25 songs to pick from with no covers. The songs average about 4-5 min per song.