Copper Box

Copper Box

 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Copper Box (roots rock, Americana)

-Feel good music fronted by guy-gal, multi-instrumentalists

-"Americana Artist of the Year 2012 & 2009",
-"People's Choice Award 2009,"
-"Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year 2011 (Danny Jerabek)" -WAMI.


Copper Box’s sound connects southern soul with groove and grit!

The demanding stage presence and chemistry of Danny Jerabek (accordion, keys, vocals, cornet, sousaphone, etc.) and Michelle (Thull) Jerabek (saxophones, flute, vocals, guitar, washboard, etc.) has been known to captivate audiences from near and far. Both Danny & Michelle started performing in their family's bands at a young age and later crossed paths at a polka dance. After they were married, they joined forces with musician friends, Dave Chyla (bass) and Dan "DC" Cable (drums) to create Copper Box.

Influenced by many artists such as, Esteban Jordan, Doug Sahm, Los Lobos, CCR, Bonnie Raitt, etc., Copper Box has created a defining sound of their own.

They have shared the main stage at festivals across the nation with artists like, The Little River Band, Buckwheat Zydeco, Little Feat, Little Big Town, Peter Frampton, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Lou Gramm, Marcia Ball, C.J. Chenier, Brave Combo, Terrance Simien, and W.C. Clark.

Coverville Podcast commented….“Out of all the cover songs I’ve heard, I’ve never had so much feedback from our listeners of your remake of The Pink Floyd Polka (Comfortably Numb),” which just scratches the surface of Copper Box.

As one music journalist commented, "(Copper Box) refreshing as a cool spring breeze blowing new life into a stuffy room...worth checking out!"

Wisconsin Blues Society describes Copper Box as “…one of the favorites of the Fox Valley Blues Festival 2004. This hot Zydeco Swamp/Blues Rock outfit with a great baritone and tenor sax gal and a hot accordion man. This group cooks and swings with some of the best Zydeco-influenced groups I’ve seen anywhere in the country.”

From Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI to Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA to Cotati Accordion Festival in Cotati, CA to the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio, TX and Soulard Oktoberfest in St. Louis, MO, Copper Box keeps the crowd hopping and the tent rocking with their unique blend of “accordion-fueled, roots rock!”

Copper Box Band Members:
Dave Chyla: bass
Dan "DC" Cable: drums
Michelle Jerabek: saxophones, guitar, flute, washboard, vocals
Danny Jerabek: button box (accordion), keys, cornet, vocals, etc.


Won't You Love Me Like That

Written By: Danny Jerabek

Never hurting the one true person, and showing all to see.
I could see me there, but you don’t care.
Camping out on the Mississippi, sleep beneath the stars.
I could see me there, will you share?

Way down South on the Texas Border, they hold each other tight.
I could see us there, (in the) country air.
We could move to Louisiana, and party thru the night.
Laughing just we two, me and you.

Won’t you love me like that, won’t you love me like that.
Sweet Smile good morning, long walks in the rain.
Won’t you love like that, won’t you love me like that.

Last Cigarette

Written By: Nate Grier (former guitar player)

It's so hard to get what your looking for
When all you want is just a little more
What can you do when something beckons you
To open the door, so it can push you through.

We all fear that maybe something might go wrong
Its hard to quit and we are never quite that strong
Its like a best friend that you really never liked at all.

A little birdie told me once that I am the man
He said to get out of the fire and back into the pan
He dont know if he can save me but hed do what he can
I told him Ive got the cigarette, if youve got the plan
To get me out of trouble in the blink of an eye,
So he grabbed me by the collar and we started to fly
I figured it was better that just waiting to die,
So in exchange for life, I kissed that cigarette goodbye. (2x & 3x TO Chorus tag)

They say that luck is just a lady
But soon beginners luck starts fading
If you cant tell your stash is running low
Then lady luck is gonna let you know


Chorus tag
So now Im livin easy, making 6 digit figures
And the best part of all is that I see the big picture
When the liquor that your drinkins getting thicker and thicker
Then the fires getting hotter the pans getting bigger
So the moral of the story is you cannot escape it
And the only way to figure out just how to relate it
To someone who doesnt know it but tryin to fake it
Is to smoke that cigarette, before you waste it! No!

Chorus tag

Need a Little Squeezin'

Written By: Michelle Jerabek

We’ve been workin’ way too long
Feels like love has just come & gone
And I think back to all, the GOODtimes we had
Sittin’ on the front porch swingin/
Listen to the radio playin’ AS YOU HELD me close…
….under the moonlight
Yeah, I knew right then, cause everything felt so right

If you need a little squeezing from the man that you love
Tell him how you feel & you CAN’T get enough
If you need a little squeezing/ then go on and get you some…
…go on & get you some

Wishing you were here w/ me
Is this how love was meant to be---We can do better
(Make a little) TIME for pleasin’
You come home at the end of your day
There’s just one thing that I GOTTA SAY
I LOVE YOU…You make it all worthwhile
And a little SQUEEZIN’ is sure to make you smile

How…..Long can a love survive…
When you keep it all inside?
COME ON and bring your LOVE to me…..

Apple of Your Eye

Written By: Danny Jerabek

Sometimes people say things that they do not mean
They must blow off some steam
I've stayed on the path my feet have never slipped
The vow I made to you I kept

Keep me safe, O Lord, tonight I need you more
Evil waits behind the door
Heats will mend if given opportunity
And chase the dark clouds from the sky

Keep me as the Apple of Your Eye
Hide me underneath your wings
The wind may blow me down
like dust drowned in the rain
Then I hear you call my name

Keep me as the Apple of Your Eye
Hide me underneath your wings
Keep me as the Apple of Your Eye
Hide me underneath your wings


Roots (2003)

Sunny Days (2005)

Backyard Party (2007)

Need a Little Squeezin (2008)

In the Summertime (2009)

Copper Box: LIVE from Waterfest 2010 DVD (2010)

People Change (2011)

After the Rain (2013)

Set List

*Performing art centers, music festivals, art festivals, music clubs, community events, private parties, fundraisers, etc.

*Set list is a mix of Americana, roots rock music. Mostly 'accordion-fueled' with a huge dose of energy!

*Performs originals and cover songs.